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Change Dates or Occupancy for a Reservation

Last Updated: Dec 20, 2016 08:47AM EST
In ThinkReservations you can edit the reservation to reflect changes that need to be done. If your guest would like to adjust their check in or check out dates, you can edit the room(s).

When you view the details of a reservation, the right column of the bill page will show you all the rooms that have been added to the reservation. Find the room you would like to edit.

On the top right of the room's information you will find a button with an arrow pointing down next to where it normally says "Check in". Click on it and choose Edit.
Menu under "Check in" button.

Change either the check in date or the check out date in the popup. There are other options in here you can adjust if you need to.

Check In: Change the arrival or check-in date for this room.

Check Out: Change the departure or check-out date for this room.

Room: Switch the guest into a different room. If the price is different a popup will ask you if you would like to update the price or not.

Rate Type: Switch the room into a different rate type. If the price is different, the new price will be reflected after this change.

Number of Adults: Indicate the accurate number of Adults actually staying in this room. The price will be updated based on the rooms occupancy settings.

Number of Children: Indicate the number of children staying in this room. The price will be updated based on the rooms occupancy settings. If you select children, you will then be able to indicate the age. The age may also effect the applied price.

Status: Choose to update the status of the guest. Scheduled means that this guest has not arrived.

Confirm your changes by clicking the Save Room button in the popup. The reservation will be updated.

Edit Room popup
Change any of the options you need for each room in the reservation.

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