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Booking Engine Settings

To manage your booking engine settings, click on Settings in the black bar at the top. Then click on Booking Engine under the "Business Configuration" heading.
If you are logged in, you can click here to take you there.

To enable a feature, check the appropriate box to the left of the description.
Show Availability Calendar in the Booking Engine
This feature will display an availability calendar at the bottom of the search results page.

Online Booking Engine Availability Calendar

Ask for Dietary Restrictions in the Booking Engine
This feature will ask the guest, but not require, what their dietary restrictions are. The content they provide will populate in the dietary restrictions field in their reservation.

Ask for Additional Guest Names in the Booking Engine
This feature will ask the guest, but not require, what their additional guest names are. This content provided with populate into the additional guest name field in their reservation.

Enforce adult and children occupancy restrictions (If enabled, please make sure to reconfigure occupancy for each room)
When disabled/un-checked, the online booking engine will ask for the number of guests.

When Enabled/checked, the online booking engine will ask for the number of adults and children. If the guest indicates that there is children, it will then ask for the ages with a new age box for each child.

Enable Wait List: Allow customers to add themselves to a Wait List if there are no rooms available
When this is checked, guests can add themselves to the Wait List. In order for the Wait List to be displayed, the guest must search for a time period where you have zero availability.

Minimum notice for online reservations
ThinkReservations lets you control how much lead time you need for reservations. Enter a number (0-365) in the box indicating the number of days notice you need for online reservations. If a prospective guest searches for a last minute reservation for tonight, and you have any number higher than 1, the system will display a message to the guest indicating that the room is available only by calling your number. The system will still show that proper availability, and you phone number is present in line with the message.

Booking Window Length
This option determines how many days in advance a guest can make a reservation. If left blank, a guest can make a reservation up to one year in advance by default.  Fill in the box with an alternative number if you would like to widen or narrow reservation lead time. 

Accepted Credit Cards
If you would like the icons of the credit card types which your business accepts as payment to appear on the booking engine page when a guest is filling out their reservation details, then mark the appropriate boxes. 

Same Day Cutoff Time
When the Minimum Notice for online Reservations is set to 0, the system will allow same day reservations online.  The Same Day Cutoff Time feature allows you to place a cutoff time for same day reservations to be booked online. 

Arrival Time
Indicate your check in window by choosing a time from the drop-downs. The window of time between the Earliest Arrival Time and the Latest Arrival Time dictates the drop-down for guests in the booking engine and for staff in the reservation screen. There is also an "Other (Specify below)" option where the guest can indicate if they are going to be arriving outside the set times.

Business Image
The business image is the main image that is displayed on the first page (Search Page) of the booking engine. The image is just to the left of the Check Availability form. You can upload a new image as often as you wish.

Click Save when you are ready to commit your changes. The Save button is at the very bottom.

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