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Getting Started with Expedia

Setting up your Expedia account

If you do not have a relationship with Expedia yet, go to​ and sign up. When signing up, make sure to indicate that you use a channel manager so you can specify ThinkReservations as your provider for Rates, restrictions, and to sync reservations. 

Prerequisites - Required before ThinkReservations can connect to Expedia:

  • You will need to have an active Expedia account that you can log into before you connect with ThinkReservations.
  • The account must have an active room for each Room Type that exists in ThinkReservations that you would like to share with Expedia.
    In Expedia:
       Expedia Partner Central --> Rooms and Rates --> Rooms, Rates and Policies
    In ThinkReservations:
       ThinkReservations --> Settings --> Rate Types --> Open any rate type
    If you aren't sure how your Room Types are setup in ThinkReservations, please ask.

  • The account must be EQC Enabled. For new Expedia accounts, you can specify this when you sign up that you work with a channel manager and choose ThinkReservations. For existing accounts, if you can follow step 2 below, your account is EQC enabled. Otherwise, it is likely "ARI" enabled and Expedia needs to update the account first.
  • The pricing model needs to be Occupancy Based Pricing. If not, Expedia will automatically create an internal support request to have them update your account after you complete step 7 below. 
  • Although not a requirement, the "room code" for each room should be setup to identify the room or room type it's associated with to assist with mapping.
  • You will not need to enter rates or restrictions directly on the Expedia Partner Central. If you are forced to at some point, perhaps enter a price such as $999. ThinkReservations sends the following to Expedia:
    • ​Rates/Pricing
    • Availability/Inventory
    • Restrictions like minimum nights
    • Additional guest fees
    • [Nothing else.]

Please be sure that your information on Expedia is set up correctly, paying special attention to the following, as they are not synced or connected to ThinkReservations:
  • Deposit/Prepayment Policy
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Maximum occupancy for rooms
  • Children and adult occupancy settings
  • Minimum notice for online reservations
  • Room name
  • Room photos and descriptions
  • Meal Plan
  • Smoking Policy, etc.

Connecting your account to ThinkReservations

Once your Expedia account is setup, you are able to log into your Expedia Extranet, and you have verified it to be as accurate as possible, you are ready to connect it to ThinkReservations!

To connect to ThinkReservations, please follow all the below instructions:

Login to your Expedia Partner Central Extranet

1.) Click Rooms and Rates on the left

2.) Click Expedia Connectivity Settings under the "Setup" heading.

Don't see "Expedia Connectivity Settings"? Call or email your Expedia Market Manager to get your account EQC enabled. (Your account is likely ARI enabled.)
Not sure who your Expedia Market Manager is? See below for alternate contact info.
     Expedia North America Lodging Team
1-855-783-9733 - Option 1 for English, then option 5 for Extranet support

3.) Verify if ThinkReservations is already set as your provider.

4.) Click the blue Edit connectivity settings button.

5.) On the next page, choose ThinkReservations as your Provider for updating rates and availability.

6.) Choose ThinkReservations as your Provider for receiving reservations.

Ensure that ThinkReservations is selected for both rates and availability, and receiving reservations so that ThinkReservations can properly communicate with Expedia.

7.) Click the yellow Save and continue button. You may then be asked to Confirm. (Continue below...)

Expedia will update your account to support connectivity in about 48 business hours.

If you get an error message that indicates that the current pricing model of your property is incompatible, you will need to wait until Expedia can update you. They will automatically updated your account to support the required "Occupancy Based Pricing" model usually within 48 hours.

Expedia will notify you via email after about 48 business hours when your property has been updated.
Look for an email with the subject containing:

ARBR Connected for..."


EQC Onboarding Next Steps​"

► When you receive the above-mentioned email, please verify in your Expedia Partner Central Extranet that you have active rooms and rate plans. You can attempt to create the rooms and rate plans on your own, or reach out to your Expedia market manager or market management team ( for assistance.

The above property is NOT ready to connect to ThinkReservations and needs to work with Expedia to add rooms and rate plans.

Final Step: Once your account has the rooms and rate plans setup, please reach out to ThinkReservations support so we can make the final connection!
After we receive word from you that your account is ready, ThinkReservations will connect Expedia to your account, usually within 48 hours. Finally, you can use ThinkReservations to control the pricing and availability that is synchronized with Expedia.

To see your rooms and rate plan in Expedia Partner Central:
  1. Login to expedia group partner central (EPC) and click Rooms and Rates in the menu to the left.
  2. In the submenu below, click Rooms, Rates and Policies.
  3. If you don't see all the rooms that you would like to offer to Expedia, please reach out to Expedia support for assistance.

To see or change your Room Codes for your rooms in Expedia Partner Central:
  1. Login to expedia group partner central (EPC) and click Rooms and Rates in the menu to the left.
  2. In the submenu below, click Rooms, Rates and Policies.
  3. .Inside each room is 3 columns of information: Smoking policy, Room code, and Bed types. Note the Room Code for each room. This is used by ThinkReservations to associate/link/connect/map the room type in Expedia with the correct  room type in ThinkReservations.
  4. To edit the room code, click Room actions > Edit this room. See below.
  5. Click Submit when done with your changes. Repeat for any other rooms.


Expedia Acronyms:

  • EPC = Expedia Partner Central
    This is the site you use to manage your Expedia account.
  • EQC = Expedia Quick Connect
    This is the connectivity type that ThinkReservations uses.
  •  AR = Availability and Rates
  •  BR = Booking Retrieval (Often seen together as "ARBR")
  • ARI = Availability, Rates, Inventory
    This is the connectivity type used previously by to connect to Expedia.
  • OBP = Occupancy Based Pricing
    This is the pricing model that Expedia recommends and that ThinkReservations uses. It allows ThinkReservations to handle the additional guest fees automatically.
  • PDP = Per Day Pricing
    An alternative pricing model ThinkReservations doesn't support.
  • ETP = Expedia Traveler Preference
    This is a combination of Hotel and Expedia collect, although even Hotel Collect reservations are set at the 18% commission.
  • MOD = Members Only Deal
    Often seen as "Fenced MOD", this is a promotion that is automatically included in many contracts. Expedia can set blackout dates and even pause these types of promotions for you.
  • LAR = Lowest Available Rate
    This is typically seen when Expedia tells you the "Acquisition Type" on your account for Expedia Collect-only properties.

NOTE: ThinkReservations charges an additional 3% commission for reservations that come from Expedia if you decide to establish the direct connection.


Trivago is an Expedia partner, however, their arrangement with Expedia is different than that of their other partner sites. If you want to connect with Trivago, you need to call Trivago's Hotel Support line at 646.663.6068 and let them know you want Trivago to pull your rates from Expedia. 

Trivago does not have a partnership to feed the images,
and information from Expedia - only showing prices for your property.

Trivago would advise you to assign the property under a Hotel Manager account. You can create your own profile by registering on Trivago Hotel Manager for free here and add your property by typing the name. It will take up to 48 hours after system approval for your hotel to be assigned to you on Trivago. You will receive an email confirming the assignment. 

In this way, you will be able to take control over all the information regarding your property, including changing the name of it, adding/deleting photos, as well as changing room amenities and facilities.
trivago Hotel Manager:

► You can contact Expedia support by phone 1-888-EXP-1STOP, or by email

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