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Last Updated: May 31, 2018 11:29AM EDT

Connect your account to ThinkReservations

To integrate with, log into ThinkReservations and click here or click on 'Settings' on the top right, click on 'B&' or '' under the Channel Management section, and follow the instructions listed there. Once you are done, please come back to this article and read the important information about the connection found further below.

You will need to email, provide them with your ThinkReservations Hotel ID, and let them know you are interested in establishing a connection between ThinkReservations and will initiate the connection once they see your request.  Once processed, you'll receive an email from ThinkReservations with two steps you need to complete.  After those steps are completed, the connection will be established. Please see below for help with completing those two steps.

Step 1: Make sure your cancellation policy and taxes are correctly set up for your configuration. ThinkReservations → Settings → (or click here) You will notice this page looks different after the connection has been established.

If you cannot set a policy that matches your own exactly, you may wish to choose one that is more restrictive. To indicate what taxes need to be charged for room revenue, check the appropriate box(es).

A new '' rate type was automatically created.

Step 2: Make sure to populate this new rate type with rates and restrictions.

ThinkReservations → Settings → Rate Types → '' and click on Rates & Restrictions. You will then 'Copy' your rates and restrictions to this rate (use the Copy button to make this easy!) How to copy your rates from one rate type to another.

Please see below for more important information...

NOTE: When you click the Check-in button, you are also checking the guest in on, but only for reservations made through the ThinkReservations channel manager. Imported reservations will need to be checked-in on

► If you ever change your room photos or descriptions, please let ThinkReservations know so we can resync that information to B& again.

► If you ever change your occupancy or additional guest fees, please contact B& so they can manually update Expedia -if you are connected to Expedia through your connection.

► Minimum nights, whether set as the "Min Nights on Arrival" or "Min Nights Through" type, are sent to as minimum nights through.

► Make sure not charge the guest's credit card for any charges that they have already paid to Train your staff to look at the rate type that this reservation was booked under, and the source of the reservation. The name of the rate type will be something like OTA Rate or, as seen in the below screen shot.

► If the guest wants to add nights, rooms, or items, it is best to create a new bill for that to avoid confusion on what is paid from, what is still owed from the guest, and tracking those charges and payments later.

TASK: Create a new custom payment type called "B& Direct Deposit" or similar. This way, when you receive confirmation of payment from you can mark them as paid with this payment method.

► ThinkReservations used a special version of the itemized bill variable that is used in some email templates. Unless you have removed the itemized bill variable from your confirmation email, reservations will receive a confirmation email that does not include any pricing information, in accordance with the terms of use. Keep in mind that printed bills in ThinkReservations will still contain pricing information that should not be shared with the guest.

Information on the itemized bill variable can be found here.

The guest has already paid the full price of the reservation at the time of booking. The guest also has already received a receipt from The guest pays the "sell rate". The sell rate is the price that you give to as set in ThinkReservations. The reservation will show the "NET rate". The net rate is the price that the business receives for this reservation. The difference between them is the the commission to That commission also includes credit card processing fees.
► Use the Reservations by Channel report to view reservations from and other channels. This report is found under Reports → Reservations → Reservations by Channel.
NOTE: ThinkReservations charges an additional 3% commission for reservations that come from using the connection established.

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