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Control OTAs rates and availability

How to Control OTAs Rates & Availability

Using a rate type, you can control the price, rooms, and dates that you choose to share with the Online Travel Agents (OTAs) that you partner with. For and Expedia, we link them to one or more "OTA Rates". Airbnb, you might choose to link them to a separate Airbnb rate, your OTA Rate, or even your Best Available Rate.

Please note that your OTA Rates are not automatically linked to another rate you have in ThinkReservations. When you make changes to your Best Available Rate that you wish to mirror on your OTA Rate, you will need to update the OTA Rate(s) separately.

Once connected to one or more OTAs: rates, restrictions, and availability are synchronized automatically and in near real time. If availability changes,, Expedia, and Airbnb will be notified.  If a reservation comes in from an OTA, you will see it immediately on your ThinkReservations calendar (and you will be notified about it via email). If prices change on the OTA Rate, they update the OTA.
If a room/date in your OTA Rate does not have a price, then it will show as unavailable or sold out on,, and Airbnb. That is how you control whether you want to show availability -- by configuring or removing the price!
Please note: by "removing" the price, I do NOT mean set the price to 0. If you set the price to 0, you are selling it for free. By removing the price, I mean completely leave the box empty.

Updating the Rate(s) Associated with your OTAs

The rate or rates associated with your OTA connections are not automatically updated or tied to other rate types you have in ThinkReservations. This means that you will need to manage them separately but it also means that you don't have to have the same deposit policy, rates, or restrictions that you have already programmed for other rate types. Note that Yield Management rules are rate specific also.

Once you copy your rates and restrictions from another rate type (likely your Best Available Rate) you may choose to then "Simple Select" and then "Modify" what you have just copied to be a certain dollar or percentage amount lower or higher.

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Turning the OTA "on" for certain dates: Set Pricing

1. Click on Settings -> Rate Types. Click on 'OTA Rate' or ''. 

2. Click on 'Rates & Restrictions'.

3. Set prices for dates that you want to be open on the OTA.

To configure large date ranges of your prices, it's easiest to just copy your prices from your Best Available Rate. To do so, select the gray "Copy..." button on the top right. 

Choose to copy from your Best Available Rate (4). Choose your dates, select the rooms and days of the week you want (5). Make sure 'Price' is checked under Restrictions (6). Click on "Copy" to copy the rates.

4. You can now adjust the prices or minimums that were just copied over if you wish.

5. Check your work! Click Save on the top right.

Turning the OTA "off" for certain dates: Remove pricing 

ThinkReservations recommends that you turn off (or limit your availability) for dates that you anticipate to or historically sell out.

1. Open the rate type that you are syncing to the OTAs. Click on Settings -> Rate Types. Click on 'OTA Rate' or ''. 

2. Click on 'Rates & Restrictions'.

3. We want to remove prices for dates we want to turn off. To do so, we'll select the dates and then remove the price.

4. Click on 'Simple Select' on the top right. Choose your dates, select the rooms and days of the week you want to make unavailable to the OTAs. Click on Select. This will highlight your selection in blue.

5. Click on Modify on the top right. Chose the circle next to 'Set to' and then DELETE the 0 in the box below. The box should be ENTIRELY empty.

​6. Click Update to remove the pricing for the selected rooms and dates.

7. Check your work. Once you are done, click Save on the top right.


A note about the Coupon Code: We use a random coupon code to prevent guests from seeing this rate type on your website. (The only way a guest would see this rate type would be if they entered the exact same random coupon code.) The Coupon Code is found under the QUALIFIER section of the General Information tab of a rate type.
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