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Automatic Task Rules

ThinkReservations has a feature called "Tasks" to help you manage individual items on your to-do list, as well as tasks related to specific reservations. This article covers how to automate the creation of tasks associated with items and services you offer to your guests using Item Task Rules.

To setup automatic task creation follow these steps: 

1) Click Settings on the top right.

2) Click on Item Task Rules under the Task Configuration heading.

3) Click the New button in the top right.

4) Fill out the form to create the new rule that will trigger the tasks.

5) Click Save at the bottom to create the Item Task Rule.

Once your Item task rules have been programmed, all future bills that have this item added to it will also have a task associated with it -- automatically! This includes reservations made using a room package Rate Type, where the Items included have Task Rules. If you delete an item from a reservation, the tasks will be deleted as well, as long as the tasks haven't been modified. 



Identifying Reservations with Tasks:

Whether you use Task Rules to create tasks automatically or add tasks manually, you can visualize on your calendar which reservations have tasks that are not yet marked complete. When an incomplete task is attached to a reservation, you will see a Task icon under the guest's name within the reservation on the calendar: a square with a number inside. The image below shows a reservation with 2 incomplete tasks that are not yet due.

The color of the square determines its due date status. Gray means it's not yet due. Green means that it's due today. Red means that it's past due! The number inside the square indicates the total number of tasks for that reservation. When all tasks have been marked complete, the icon goes away. The image below shows a reservation with one task due today.



​Viewing Task Icons on the Calendar:

In order to see the Tasks icon on your calendar, you will need to make sure you have this icon enabled and that you are viewing the reservation details on your calendar.
If you don't see any icons below the guest names, as shown below, you'll need to toggle on View Details. To do so, click the View icon  and select "Show Details". 

Your calendar should now look more like this - notice the icons below the guest names:

If after selecting "Show Details" you still don't see the Tasks icon for a reservation that you know has a task associated with it, follow the steps below:

1) Click on Settings and then Reservation Calendar.

2) Under the section labeled DETAILS DISPLAY, check the box next to "Tasks Icon". 

3) Click Save.


Viewing Tasks Associated with a Reservation:

To view the tasks attached to a bill, simply open the bill/reservation and click View Tasks in the dark gray box under the confirmation ID.

Viewing All Tasks:

To view tasks for all bills in any given date range, click the Tasks link in the black menu bar. From here you can filter tasks by due date and by which user account they are assigned to. You'll notice a colored bar along the left of tasks that are either overdue (red) or due today (green). You can also click on the Open Bill link for each task to open the bill or reservation associated with the task, where applicable. 

Whenever you have any incomplete tasks for your overall property account, you'll see a Tasks icon in the menu header. The image below shows the property account has 2 incomplete tasks. The red color indicates that at least one of these tasks is overdue:


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