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June 20th, 2019 update: Authorize.Net has temporarily disabled Extended Credit Capability. Please use alternate methods to issue credits or refunds to your customers and guests. This is due to's policy change and outside of ThinkReservations' control.

If you are using for your Payment Gateway, you will not be able to refund your customer if the transaction is more than four months old. However, you can still "credit" the credit card by following these steps below.

In order to "credit" or put funds onto a card, you must enable "Expanded Credit-Return Capabilities" through

Click here for's answer to: What are expanded credit capabilities?

There is no additional charge for this, but you must fill out a one page application. The reason this is not enabled by default is because they do not want someone to be able to maliciously credit a card. In the application, they ask for the length of time this functionality should be enabled for. You can determine whether you want this functionality enabled for just a limited time period or indefinitely.

Once enabled, you can click on 'New Payment', select 'Credit Card', choose the credit card, and then put in a NEGATIVE number to credit the card with that amount.

You can see if this is enabled for your account by navigating to your Merchant Profile in
Login to your account → ACCOUNT → Merchant Profile
In your Merchant Profile check the status look for "Expanded Credit Capabilities (ECC)" listed under Additional Services.

How to Apply for Expanded Credit Capabilities:

   1. Log into your account.
   2. At the top of the page, click on CONTACT US.
   3. A popup should appear. In the popup click Support Cases. A new windows will be opened.
   4. At the top of the page click SUPPORT CASES and then below choose Apply for ECC.
   5. Choose Agree if you accept the legal agreement to proceed.
   6. On the "Apply for ECC" form check the box for Indefinitely (no end date) under step 3 of the form.
   7. Click Submit at the bottom, and the case is created. Expect to have your account updated within 3 business  days.

Please expect to take 3 business days for them to review the form.

Another option if you don't want to enable Expanded Credit-Return Capabilities would be to mail the customer a check.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about this.'s 24/7 phone support: (877) 447-3938
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