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Donation Gift Certificates and No Paid Value Gift Certificates

This article addresses two scenarios:
  • How to create a gift certificate that you would like to donate
  • How to create a gift certificate that has no paid value
If you are trying to sell a gift certificate, please read the article titled How to Sell a Gift Certificate in Person or Over the Phone.


Step 1: Creating a Donation or No Paid Value Gift Certificate

  1. Click the green New Bill button in the upper right. This will create a blank invoice.

  2. Click the ADD ITEM button under Purchases, and select "Gift Certificate" from your list of items

  3. Leave the price of the Gift Certificate item at $0.00 and click the Save button.
  4. Click the orange link that is the newly generated gift certificate code. In the below example, the unique Code is 95R3N734. This will take you to this certificate's overview page.

  5. Click the green Edit button on the top right of the certificate overview page.

  6. Enter the gift certificate information giving it a Redeemable value. This is how much the certificate can be used for. In the below example, we entered a redeemable value of $250.

    Update the certificate's details including From, To, and Comments.

    Also enter any Notes for staff as to why this gift certificate is being donated or the reason it is a no paid value certificate (For Example: Issue with toilet during this guest's stay. Had to be moved to another room. This is a certificate for a future stay.) Click the green Save button when finished.

Step 2: Emailing or Printing the Donated Gift Certificate or No Paid Value Gift Certificate

  1. Enter the email address in the Deliver by Email box and click Send.

  2. If you need to print the certificate, click the green Print button to the left of the edit button on the top right. This will open the print dialog box on your computer. If using Google Chrome, you will see a print preview of the certificate.

Additional Information Helpful for Gift Certificates & Gift Certificate Promotions

► You may need to remove taxes from the reservation or bill that a donation certificate has been redeemed on. Ask your accountant if you need to pay taxes for these situations. 

Related: Mark a reservation as tax exempt

When you sell a gift certificate, the sale price is ALWAYS equal to the redeemable value unless someone specifically changes it. Sale price is the price that the gift certificate was sold for. Redeemable value is the dollar amount that can be redeemed. Hence, if you donated a $100 gift certificate, the sale price would be 0 but the redeemable value would be $100.

► Related: Setting up Gift Certificate Promotions

► If you did a special or promotion where for example you add $10 to every $100 a customer spends on a gift certificate, then you would add an item onto the bill such as "Gift Certificate Promotion" in the negative to offset the bill.

In some states, the paid value of a gift certificate can never expire but the "free" or "promotional" value can.

If you have any questions, please reach out to support!

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