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How to Redeem a Gift Certificate

Follow the below steps if you have a guest that would like to redeem a "house" gift certificate that exists in ThinkReservations.

(If the guest has a third party certificate that you accept read on below.)

1.) Open the bill or reservation that the guest wishes to apply the certificate to.

2.) Click the NEW PAYMENT button under the payments section.

3.) Choose "Gift Certificate" as the payment type.

4.) Enter the unique gift certificate number or code in the empty box below.

5.) Click the green Check button just to the right of the box where you just entered the certificate number.

The system will search for that number to check if it is valid or not. If the certificate is expired or does not exists, it will say "Invalid" to the right of the Check button.

If the certificate is still valid, it will say "Valid". It will populate the "Amount" box with either the remaining balance of the certificate, or the remaining balance of the bill, whichever is smaller.

6.) Adjust the price in the "Amount" box if needed, and click the Save button to record the payment.

The gift certificate will show a new record of the transaction on the gift certificate page.


Follow the below steps if you have a guest attempting to use a 3rd party gift certificate that you are willing to accept.

1.) Verify the validity of the certificate first to make sure it is valid.

2.) Open the bill or reservation that you would like to apply the certificate to.

3.) Click the NEW PAYMENT button under that Payments section.

4.) Chose "3rd Party Gift Cert." as the payment type.

5.) Enter the certificate number in the Ref # box.

6.) Enter the amount you wish to apply to the bill in the "Amount" box.

7.) Click the Save button to record the the payment.

8.) Manually note the deduction of the certificate and the amount remaining, if any.

You must manually note the change on the certificate because ThinkReservations only keeps track of house certificates
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