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Getting Started with Airbnb

ThinkReservations has the ability to fully synchronize your ThinkReservations rooms with Airbnb!


Click here for information about Airbnb and taxes.
Click here to see if Airbnb is collecting any occupancy taxes for you.

Connect ThinkReservations to Airbnb
Create Listings in ThinkReservations
Confirm Listing in Airbnb
Required Final Tasks
Important Notes


To Connect ThinkReservations and Airbnb:

You will need to create all Airbnb listings in ThinkReservations. Listings that are not created in ThinkReservations will not be synced or connected automatically. Already have listings in Airbnb? You will need to recreate the listings in ThinkReservations. These new listings you are recreating in ThinkReservations can be connected with an existing listing! See step 2 of "Confirm and Publish your Listing" further below as this is a very important step.

1.) Go to ThinkReservations → Settings → Airbnb

  Have more than one ThinkReservations account?
You will need to have an Airbnb account for each ThinkReservations account. When you click the "Connect with Airbnb" button, it will connect the ThinkReservations account you are currently logged into with the Airbnb account you are currently logged into.

The first time you connect with Airbnb in ThinkReservations you will need to click the red Connect with Airbnb button.

3.) You are taken to an Airbnb confirmation page. If you are not logged in, it will ask you to do so.

4.) You will be prompted to confirm your connection/agreement. Check the box and click Allow.

5.) Click the Return to ThinkReservations button. You will notice the page is now different and shows "Airbnb Rooms".

At this point your connection to ThinkReservations is complete. If you have other ThinkReservations accounts that you would like to connect, log into the other ThinkReservations account and the other Airbnb account. Remember you should not connect more than one ThinkReservations account to the same Airbnb account.

To Create a Listing:

You will need to create all Airbnb listings in ThinkReservations. If they already exist on Airbnb, and you would like them to be synced, you need to recreate them in ThinkReservations. Listings that are not created in ThinkReservations will not be synced or connected automatically. Existing new listings can be connected with an existing listing. See step 2 of "Confirm and Publish your Listing" further below.

1.) On the "Airbnb Rooms" page, click the "New Listing" button on the top right.

2.) Fill out each drop down box and checkbox as appropriate.

Airbnb get's some information from the rooms details page of the room/unit that you chose at the top of the form. The information that is collected from the room settings is the number of beds, full baths, and occupancy.

Airbnb now supports Room Types (room categories). Listing names will be automatically created in this format: Room Name - Property Name, but can be changed if you wish!

The Rate Type selected will be the Rate Type that rates, restrictions, and availability will be synchronized from.

► Related: Control OTA's like Airbnb with the Rate Type

If Airbnb is collecting any or all taxes for your property, it is important to create a separate 'Airbnb Rate' rate type with the option to have taxes overridden. Tax override is controlled in the General Information tab of the edit rate type screen. Once overridden, select only taxes that your business will be collecting, if any. Another reason for an Airbnb rate is if you want to give Airbnb different rates or availability. Otherwise, you can choose an existing rate type.

Make sure to create a random coupon code if creating a new Airbnb Rate so this rate type doesn't show to guests in the online booking engine if it is just for Airbnb reservations. It doesn't matter what it is, just so long as it's not something someone would guess. You or your guests will never need to enter this code anywhere.

If you are collecting taxes from the guest, and not Airbnb, we suggest you include a message in your "Listing Description" and "Notes" both.

For example: "Please note that taxes will be due upon arrival. Taxes, which are separate from Airbnb room charges and service fees, are not collected by Airbnb. Taxes that will be due are... " and then you can list the tax names and percentages.

You must provide Airbnb a minimum of 30 days of availability over the next 12 months for each listing, so make sure the rate type you associate has pricing for at least 30 days for each listing.

Using the 30 and 60 day cancellation policies on Airbnb will take your Airbnb commission from 3 to 5%.
► Cancellation policies explained

You must check at least 5 amenities checkboxes.

The following fields are optional but we highly recommend you fill them out, and can be edited later if you wish:

  • Check-in time window
  • Check-out time
  • Booking cutoff time
  • Booking cutoff time behavior
  • Space
  • Access
  • Interaction
  • Neighborhood
  • Transit
  • House Rules
  • Notes
  • Directions
  • House Manual
  • Cleaning Fee
  • Security Deposit - We recommend setting this to the max of 5000
3.) Upload a minimum of 7 high-resolution images per listing. Please note the image size requirements.

4.) Click the Save button at the bottom of the new listing page. You will then be taken back to the Airbnb Rooms page.

The details can also be edited later, and will automatically be synced with Airbnb once per hour.

NOTE: After the new listing(s) are created, it will take 2-8 days for Airbnb to process and approve.

You will receive an email from Airbnb stating that your listing is ready to publish, but the approval process typically takes much longer (2-8 days). Once it has been approved, you will receive another email stating that your listing status has changed to Approved or not.


Next: Confirm, Merge, and Publish Your Listing:

If you don't have any previous listings (no matter the status or if they were completed) then your ThinkReservations-created listings will publish automatically. If that is the case, you can skip ahead to the next step: Important Final Tasks.

You will receive an email from Airbnb stating that your listing has moved from ready for review to either "approved" or "rejected". If your listing has been rejected, a brief explanation from Airbnb is included in the email. You will also see the status in ThinkReservations.

1.) Once your listing has been approved, log into Airbnb. Click Host → Listings → ThinkReservations Sync

The listing will be labeled In progress even after approved until it has been Published. You will need to Publish the listing after approval. Airbnb will send you an email letting you know when your listings are ready to publish.

Choose your old listings before you publish to merge.
2.) Choose either "New Listing" or Connect to an existing listing and then publish your listing.

If you have previously created this listing on Airbnb, then you will want to select to Connect to existing listing and choose the appropriate listing. The old listing and it's content will be replaced with the new one created in ThinkReservations. When you choose to connect to an existing listing, your reviews from the old will carry over. Make sure to sync "Everything".

3.) Click Publish now to publish your listing after you have selected either New Listing or chosen the old listing to merge. They cannot be merged after the fact.

If you opted to merge listings, the new listings will be activated, and the original listing will be deactivated. You will receive an email from Airbnb letting you know the old listing is deactivated. This is so that you don't have two listings for the same room.

Once Published, you will be able to access under ThinkReservations Sync.

4.) Click on ThinkReservations Sync menu item on the left as in the above screenshot, or a blue button on the top right to review your listings.

5.) Navigate back to ThinkReservations for the final steps. At this point the listing is complete!

Most changes you make to your listing will happen in ThinkReservations, not in Airbnb.

Important Final Tasks:

► Make sure that all listings that you would like to connect to ThinkReservations are setup in ThinkReservations.

► Create a new custom payment type called "Airbnb Direct Deposit" or similar. This way, when you receive confirmation of payment from Airbnb you can mark them as paid with this payment method. You will need to manually post the payment onto the reservation in ThinkReservations to update the bill.

► Make sure not charge the guest's credit card for any charges that they have already paid to Airbnb. Train your staff to look at the source of the reservation. The source of a reservation is always right above the email section on the bottom left of the reservation.

► If the guest wants to add nights, rooms, or items, it is best to create a new bill for that to avoid confusion on what is paid from Airbnb, what is still owed from the guest, and tracking those charges and payments later.

Important Notes:

► If you need to contact Airbnb support, use the form at the bottom of this page:

► ThinkReservations uses a special version of the itemized bill variable that is used in some email templates. Unless you have removed the itemized bill variable from your confirmation email, Airbnb reservations will receive a confirmation email that does not include any pricing information. Keep in mind that printed bills in ThinkReservations will still contain pricing information that should not be shared with the guest.

Information on the itemized bill variable can be found here.

The guest has already paid the full price of the reservation at the time of booking. The guest also has already received a receipt from Airbnb. The guest pays the "sell rate". The sell rate is the price that you give to Airbnb as programmed in ThinkReservations. The reservation will show the "NET rate". The net rate is the price that the business receives for this reservation. The difference between them is the Airbnb Service Fees. The difference also includes credit card processing fees.
► Use the Reservations by Channel report to view reservations from Airbnb and other channels. This report is found under Reports → Reservations → Reservations by Channel.

► Availability can be controlled with the synced rate type just like and Expedia do, by setting or removing the price. No price means it's unavailable.

► Instant Book is automatically enabled for these accounts, and it is not possible to change.

► Additional guest fees are taken care of automatically!

► ThinkReservations sends emails to the property for new, modified, and canceled reservations. 

NOTE: ThinkReservations charges an additional 3% commission for reservations that come from Airbnb using the connection established.

If you have any questions please reach out to support.
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