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How to Discount a Bill or Reservation

There are four ways to manually override the pricing in a bill. For this article, we will assume you want the price to go down.

Method 1
Add an item in the negative. This will reduce the "Total Charges" on the bill.

Most common scenario: Guest needs a lodging discount

Step 1.) Click ADD ITEM and choose your lodging discount or adjustment item. ​
Step 2.) Enter the amount in the negative that you wish to discount. Do this with a hyphen or dash to indicate that you wish to reduce the total charges on the bill.
Step 3.) Click the Save button.

Setup: Ensure that you have a "Lodging Discount" or similar Item setup in Settings → Items

In Settings → Items, you will be able to click the New button and create an such as "Room Discount" or "Lodging Discount", or "Adjustment". Make sure to apply the same taxes to this item as you have applied to your room charges that you wish to discount. You can also attribute them to the same Revenue Account as your room revenue if you wish. You can track these discounts in your Revenue by Item report.

Method 2
Edit the price of one or more line items, including the room rate to a lower price.

Step 1.) Hover your mouse over the item or "Room". Click the orange Edit link.
Step 2.) Reduce the price as you see fit in the field to the right of the item.
Step 3.) Click the Save button to the right of the field.
Repeat if necessary.

Method 3
Switch the room reservation into a rate type where the price is less.

Step 1.) Click the small triangle to the right of the green Check in button and click Edit.

Step 2.) Click the drop down box next to Rate Type and select a different rate type, such as your generic 15% discounted rate type, military rate, etc.

Setup: Ensure that you have created a rate type with discounted pricing first. You can track these with your Revenue by Rate Type report.

► Related: Managing and creating Rate Types

Method 4
Add a payment onto the bill on behalf of the customer.

This is the least common as it does not affect the Total Charges but it still provides you with a trackable way to reduce the Remaining Balance. 

Step 1.) Click NEW PAYMENT and select your "Comp" or similar payment type.
Step 2.) Enter the amount that you are willing to pay on behalf of the customer in the amount field.
Step 3.) Enter an optional note in the Ref # field.
Step 3.) Click the Save button to the right of the amount field to post the payment.

Setup: Ensure that you have a custom payment type to make these adjustments first.

Settings → Payment Types. You will be able to create a new custom payment type such as "Comp" or "Admin Adjustment" or similar. You can track these in the Payments by Type report.
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