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Issuing a Gift Certificate in Place of a Refund

To Issue a Gift Certificate in Place of a Refund:

There may be instances where a guest cancels a reservation and rather than refund them or charge a cancellation fee, you may want to credit them with a gift certificate or voucher by utilizing the ThinkReservations gift certificate functionality. Think of this Gift Certificate also as a 'Room Credit', or a 'Voucher'.

Once you have cancelled the reservation (Click on the gear icon and select Cancel Bill. Confirm that you want to cancel the reservation.) : 
1) Either in addition to or in place of the cancellation fee, click ADD ITEM and choose Gift Certificate from the drop-down.

2) Enter the amount you would like the certificate to be valid for, and click Save.

3) Click on the orange certificate number to go to the certificate.

4) Click Edit on the top right of the certificate page (next to Print) to edit the details. When you add a gift certificate to a  cancelled reservation, we recommend you edit the Notes for Staff field to include details reference how it was created due to a  cancelled reservation. At the bottom, click Save. 

5) At the top of the gift certificate page next to "This gift certificate is attached to a bill", click on Open Bill to go back to the  cancelled  reservation.

6) Email the customer. You don't necessarily need to send the customer the gift certificate, but instead, we recommend sending the customer an email stating that the voucher or credit (certificate) number must be mentioned when they rebook. Note the certificate number. Choose an email template such as the "Reservation Canceled" template from the drop-down on the bottom left and click the green Customize button.

7) Include text to communicate with the customer that they need to reference the special room credit or voucher number (the Gift Certificate number noted in the last step) when they call to rebook within the discussed time period.

8) Review the email, and click Send at the bottom.
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