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Special Booking Engine Links

ThinkReservations allows you to specify some parameters in the URL or link that you share with your prospective guests.

When you go to check availability for your property, the URL (link in the address bar of your browser) lists parameters for you. For example, if you go to the booking engine of our demo account, theviewpoint, and you enter a check in date of April 1st, 2020, and a check out date of April 3rd, with 2 adults, and no children the following URL is presented:

You can see what it looks like with multiple parameters specified, separated with an ampersand: &

Note the parameters in this order, from the above URL:
  • start_date
  • end_date
  • number_of_adults
  • number_of_children
  • customer_group
  • coupon_code
  • room_id

To make these example links your own, you will need to change to your account's shortname. To find your shortname, look at your ThinkReservations booking engine link. Below are some examples with the account shortname highlighted.

Below are the parameters with more details and examples using theviewpoint account

 Check In Date:
 Check Out Date:

Must specify/use check in date when specifying check out date.

 Number of Adults:

 Number of Children:

Must specify/use Number of adults and check in/out date when specifying children.

 Coupon Code / Promo Code:

The "Code" (Coupon Code or Promotional Code) goes at the very end. In the below example, the code is "SPECIAL2020". Codes are not case sensitive.

 Customer Group:

Must specify Check-in and out date.

In the below example, the Customer Group is called "Government Rate".

 Room to be presented first in list of results:

You don't have to specify check-in and out date, but it's recommended. If you don't, it will assume a 1-night stay for tonight, and the guest will need to update the dates at the top.

Normally with The Viewpoint, the "Redwood Room" shows as the first room (when available). The below example is using the room code for "Hillcrest Cottage", which is normally the last room in the list. Room code is found at the top of the room's settings page in ThinkReservations. It's unique for each room.


With check-in/out dates specified:

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