How to Use the Reservation Calendar

The ThinkReservations Calendar provides a simple and effective way to view reservations, rates & restrictions, and availability information.

You will notice that rooms are listed on the left, and dates are listed across the top. The Calendar shows you all the reservations during the specific time period you have displayed. There is a scroll bar at the very bottom. To look at reservations in the future, scroll to the right. To look at reservations in the past, scroll to the left.

We load about three months of information at one time to ensure that the page loads quicker. If you want to look at a specific date, use the JUMP TO DATE buttons on the top left. Click the calendar icon  and choose a date in the future or the past. If you want to go back to today, click the orange TODAY button. When you click the TODAY button, the calendar will show starting yesterday. This is useful because it allows you to identify who is checking out today.

Reservations on the Calendar are color-coded. Move your mouse to the bottom right and hover over Legend to see what the colors mean.

  • Red reservations mean that there is no credit card on file and no payments.
  • Light yellow means that there is a credit card on file but no payments.
  • Orange means at least one payment has been applied, likely a deposit.
  • Green means that the remaining balance is $0 or paid in full.
  • A small circle badge will show on reservations that have checked in (green circle) or checked out (orange circle).

The Calendar will also show "blackouts" that you have created. Blackouts will show black with gray stripes. No one can book where there is a blackout - they apply to all rate types you may have.

If a reservation has an incomplete task(s), the number of incomplete tasks will show to the left of the guest name on the calendar. The color of the circle indicates due date status: A green circle means that it is not yet due. A yellow circle means it is due today. A red circle means that it is past due! In the example below, John's reservation has one outstanding task that is not yet due.

1 task, not yet due

You can also customize the size of the Calendar horizontally using one of the grid size options: S M or L. There are three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. The bigger the size, the more detail you can see per reservation. The smaller the size, the more days you can see on the Calendar without scrolling left and right. If you wish to see more rooms, you can adjust your browser's zoom setting. Consult your browsers help documentation for details on how to do that.

You can also use the Reservation Calendar to choose a specific rate type. If you have more than one rate type, a drop-down selector will be above the Calendar. Select a different rate type from the drop-down. You can then click on PRICES just to the right at the top of the Calendar to see the prices for the selected rate type overlaid on the calendar. You can also select to view your restrictions, such as MIN NIGHTS THROUGH, on the Calendar. Use the small triangle to the right of the MIN NIGHTS THROUGH button if you would like to choose one of the other restrictions.

The reservation Calendar is interactive. You can select dates on the calendar with your mouse, clicking one block at a time. You can also click and drag to make multiple night selections. You can increase or decrease your selection as well by clicking and dragging on the left or right edge of your selection. You can even select multiple rooms using these methods. If you wish to clear your selection, click the Clear Selection button on the top right.

When you are ready to make a reservation, click the green  Make reservation button. Your selection, outlined in yellow, will be added to a new bill. Please note that the reservation will be made with the rate type that you've selected from the drop-down. The room(s) rate type can be changed later if need be.

The process is similar to make a blackout. When you have your dates selected on the screen, click the small down arrow to the right of the Make reservation button, and choose Blackout. If you want to edit or delete the blackout, simply click on it on the calendar.

To Manage a reservation on the calendar, left-click on the reservation to open the bill.

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