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Getting Started with

This article will guide you through the process of getting your ThinkReservations account connected with


These are required before ThinkReservations can connect you to

Make sure you meet these requirements before you reach out to ThinkReservations for a connection meeting. 

  • An active account that you can log in to before you connect with ThinkReservations.
  • Your prepayment (deposit) policy set up the way you would like on
  • Rooms set up on for every room type you have in ThinkReservations that you would like to share with Open any rate type in ThinkReservations to see your list of room types.
  • If you charge any additional guest fees, needs to first enable "Derived Pricing" for the rooms that have those fees.
  • Although not a requirement, set a "Custom name" in your Room Details page for each room.
  • Using your Extranet, follow the steps below to get to  Provider Confirmation.

Step 1: Setting up your account

If you do not have a relationship with yet, go to and sign up. During the sign-up process, if you are asked, "Do you work with a Channel Manager?" please be sure to mark "Yes."

Your market manager can help you set up your account. During the process, you will need to create your rooms on -- in most cases, you will want a separate room on for each room on ThinkReservations, unless you have distinct room types that you offer (e.g., King Bed, Deluxe King Bed, etc.), and you have those same room types set up in ThinkReservations. It is also good practice to get your "property page score" as high as possible as this affects things like where your property appears in search results.

Please Note

Please be sure that your information on is set up correctly, paying special attention to the following, as they are not synced or connected to ThinkReservations:

  • Deposit/Prepayment Policy
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Meal Plan
  • Minimum/Maximum notice for online reservations
  • Room Occupancy or bed configurations
  • Child occupancy or fees for children
  • Extra guest fees/Derived pricing
  • Room photos and descriptions

Step 2: Connecting your account to ThinkReservations

Once your account is set up and ready to go, you can start the process of connecting to ThinkReservations as your Channel Manager (IT Provider).

If you like, we would be happy to schedule a 30-minute meeting with you to get connected.

Please log into your Extranet and follow these steps:

This link will take you straight to the connection for ThinkReservations.

  1. Click the circle Account button on the top right, and then Connectivity Provider.
    You may be prompted to authorize the account again.
  2. Next, click the blue Start button if you are not connected with an existing system. If you are currently connected with another provider, you will need to deactivate that connection first; then you will see the blue Start button.
  3. Then you will be able to complete's five steps to confirm the connection:
    1. Click on the Search for providers field and type "Think." Click on the blue box below that says, "Think Reservations (Think Reservations)." Ensure that the connection type is a Full Connection (two-way), and then click the blue Next button.

      Make sure to clear the checkbox labeled "Content & Photos." You will manage content and photos for your account directly on
    2. Accept the XML Service Agreement. Check the box after you have read and accepted the agreement. Then click the blue Accept button.
    3. Waiting for Provider Confirmation: Once you accept the agreement, ThinkReservations needs to confirm the connection and set up the mappings.

      To set up the mapping, please click here and make an appointment with a member of our OTA team. During this call, be prepared to provide ThinkReservations with your mapping information so we can link the rooms you have on with the rooms you have in ThinkReservations and synchronize your rates. We can also help you create your OTA Rate in ThinkReservations if you don't already have one.
      Once these actions are complete, go back to the Channel Manager section in your Extranet to refresh the page. (We will walk you through this over the phone.)
    4. For the next step "Confirm": Read the note displayed and then click the blue I confirm the connection with provider Think Reservations button. This will establish the connection to ThinkReservations! This step is typically done with ThinkReservations on the phone.
    5. After a few seconds, your status will update to "XML Connection currently active". Now ThinkReservations can push rates, restrictions, and availability to

Once complete, your XML Rate Plans on Booking will be synchronized between ThinkReservations and automatically with your OTA Rate in ThinkReservations. When a new/modified/canceled reservation comes in from, the reservation will immediately be reflected on ThinkReservations.

Step 3: Working with your OTA Rate

The rates, restrictions, and availability that we send to come from one or more rate types in ThinkReservations.

If you want to adjust the pricing that is sent to, you will adjust the rates in ThinkReservations in your OTA Rate. You won't manage your pricing on Similarly, if you want to adjust your restrictions like minimum nights, you will do so in ThinkReservations, not in If a room/date combination does not have pricing set (the box in the OTA rate is empty) then we will show your room as sold out on Depending on how many rate types you have on, you may have multiple OTA Rates to match in ThinkReservations. Note that only XML Rate Plans are eligible to by synchronized to ThinkReservations, and non-XML rate types won't have restrictions in sync.

► To verify the rate types you have set up in, log into the extranet. From there you can select Rates & Availability > Rate Plans

► To verify what rate plans in ThinkReservations are mapped - or linked - to the room types and rate plans you have in, navigate to ThinkReservations > Settings > If you are logged in, click here.

► If you see a warning message that says: The occupancy for this room does not match then please check the Maximum Occupants listed for that room type on does not exceed the occupancy settings in ThinkReservations.

► Please see this article for more information on how to work with your OTA Rate! Partner Help ( support) 


ThinkReservations charges an additional 3% commission for reservations that come from using the connection established.

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