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Setting Up Your Payment Processor

ThinkReservations can integrate directly with four different payment processors and one payment gateway. Currently, the payment processors that we can connect with are Casablanca Ventures (MPI), Stripe, Braintree Payments, and Heartland Payment Systems. If you would like to work with another payment processor, then you will need to use as a payment gateway. acts as a middleman to allow you to use your payment processor of choice. Most processors can integrate with, but not all do. You will need to verify this with your processor. charges a monthly fee and a per-transaction fee. Sometimes these fees are covered by your payment processor.

You must have a payment processor set up before you can start using ThinkReservations. ThinkReservations uses the payment processor to validate the credit card information submitted through your online booking engine. Proper validation is required before a reservation can be made online, regardless of your deposit policy.

If you are an existing ThinkReservations customer considering switching payment processors, please note: Switching the processor account will result in all retained credit cards being lost. This is because the retained cards are actually stored with the gateway or processor, not in ThinkReservations. You could either reach out to future guests to obtain the credit card info again or simply wait until the guests arrive for their stay. Please reach out to ThinkReservations when you are ready to switch as we need to make the changes for your account.

Please also see our Frequently Asked Questions article here.

Working with Mercantile Processing, Inc. (Preferred Partner):

We have a direct connection with Mercantile Processing, Inc, or "MPI." MPI offers variable rate pricing, so we recommend getting in touch with Wynn Salisch, of Casablanca Ventures. We've heard very good things from our clients that use him. He will provide information on costs and set up the MPI accounts for you. He can be reached at or (203) 253-7259. Wynn is also a great educational resource.

Working with Heartland (Preferred Partner):

Visit Heartland Payment Systems to learn more about setting up an account. We encourage you to let us know if you'd like to explore working with Heartland, as we are often able to direct you to the representative for your area. If you contact Heartland first on your own, please forward the name and contact information for your Heartland representative to your ThinkReservations Onboarding Specialist, so we can assist in getting your account properly connected. We can verify that Heartland has everything they need from you and that your account will be ready prior to your launch and training date. Once your account has been configured properly in ThinkReservations, you will be able to take credit card payments and online reservations. Please let your Onboarding Specialist know that you would like to work with Heartland so they can refer you to an account representative.

Working with Braintree:

Visit Braintree's website to start the process of setting up an account. Once you fill out the form, your account will be reviewed by their underwriting team, typically within 48 hours. Once your production account has been approved, please reach out to your ThinkReservations Onboarding Specialist so that we can make the connection. The sandbox account that they give you initially is not the same as a production account. The sandbox account does not allow you to process credit cards. Braintree requires that you have a privacy policy accessible on your website. If you do not already have one, please let your ThinkReservations Onboarding Specialist know and they can supply you with a one to have added to your site. Once your Braintree account has been properly connected to ThinkReservations, you will be able to take credit card payments and online reservations. If you have questions, reach out to Braintree Sales here or at (877) 511-5036

Working with Stripe:

Visit Stripe's website to create an account. Once your account is created, you will have access to their online dashboard. This dashboard provides you with a means to share legal documentation about your business and required tax information. Your account can be connected after it's been approved by Stripe's underwriting team. Once this is done, please reach out to ThinkReservations for assistance in getting your account properly connected to ThinkReservations. If you have questions, reach out to Stripe's sales team using the form on their site here.

Working with

Sign up for's Payment Gateway service through your payment processor or directly through's website. Click here to Find a Reseller. Please note that this is a fee-based service from Typically this is a monthly fee and a per-transaction fee. Sometimes these fees are covered in part or in full by your payment processor.

It's important to note that you will want an E-Commerce account to accept card-not-present transactions.

Your Product Type should be Card Not Present. Your Market Type should be eCommerce. Verify this by going to Account in the menu at the top right, and then "Merchant Profile". Check in the Business Information section. See the above screenshot for more.

Once your account has been approved and created, reach out to ThinkReservations and they will connect your account to ThinkReservations. You will then be able to accept credit card payments and online reservations.

Please let us know if you have any questions about payment processing, as this is critical to using ThinkReservations.

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