Setting up Automatic Emails

ThinkReservations can automatically send out personalized transactional emails to your guests and customers with Email Rules. An email rule lets you define what email template to utilize in certain situations.

You can configure these by going to Settings → Email Rules.

You can customize the following: 

  • Which email template to send when a reservation is made online through the online Booking Engine. 
  • Up to two different emails before a guest checks in, such as reminder emails. 
  • One followup email to be sent after a guest checks out. 
  • Which email to send for a receipt when a gift certificate is sold online. 
  • Which email to send when delivering a gift certificate via email.

Choose the appropriate email template from the drop-down.

A common configuration might be configured like this:

When a reservation is created on the booking engine, send: Confirmation Email

First Reminder Email: 14 days before a reservation checks in, send: Reminder

Second Reminder Email: 2 days before a reservation checks in, send: Driving Direction Email

days after a reservation checks out, send: Thank You

When a gift certificate is sold online, and a receipt needs to be generated, send: Retail Receipt

When a gift certificate is emailed to a recipient, send: Gift Certificate Delivery

If you do not wish for an email to be sent out, choose None from the drop-down. 

NOTE: If you manually trigger an email that is programmed to go out automatically, before it is automatically sent, ThinkReservations will not automatically send a second one.

This is also where you upload your logo for your email header. This logo is presented at the top of your email templates. Rectangular images with a transparent background work best. The system will automatically resize the image, but it's best to use a file less than 1 MB.

Press Save at the bottom of the page when you are done to commit your changes.

What time of day are automatic emails sent? 

  • Reminder emails are sent between 7:05 AM and 8:05 AM, depending on the property time zone. Reminder emails will not be sent earlier than 7:05 AM.
  • Thank you emails are sent between 12:05 PM and 1:05 PM depending on the property time zone. Reminder emails will not be sent earlier than 12:05 PM.
  • The email tool runs every 2 hours. Therefore, if a reservation is made after the automatic reminder emails have been sent, the reservation's reminder will be sent when the tool runs next (within 2 hours).  The tool stops running at midnight and starts again the next day, at the given times above.
  • The exception is SAME DAY reservations: Same-day reservations only receive a reminder email if the reminder email rule is set to 0 days. Same-day reservations only receive the Confirmation Email (or whichever template is set to go out when a reservation is created on the booking engine).
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