How to Create a Special with a Promotional/Coupon code

If you would like to offer special pricing to select guests, you can qualify the guest with a coupon code. Follow the steps below to create a new rate type that is only valid when the coupon code is entered in the Special Rates section in the online booking engine.

In our example, we will be creating the below special:

 March Special: Stay two nights, get the second night half off. Must stay midweek, only valid during the month of March in our Suites. Use coupon code: 2MARCH


NOTE: For a detailed look at rate types, click HERE.

Click Settings in the black bar at the top.
Click Rate Types under the Room Configuration heading.
Click New Rate Type to create a new blank rate type.

General Information tab:

NAME: March Special

DESCRIPTION: Stay two nights, get the second night half off! Must stay midweek, only valid during the month of March. Discount is reflected per night.

Coupon codes are not case sensitive.


ROOM TYPES: Uncheck any rooms that the special does not apply to. Alternatively, simply not entering pricing for the rooms that don't apply would present the same effect.

 DEPOSIT TYPE: Deposit policies are unique to each rate type. Program the deposit policy as you wish.

IS THIS RATE TYPE A PACKAGE?: Default is no. If you wanted to add an item automatically to this rate type, you program that here. Click here for details.

Rates & Restrictions tab:

We are going to copy the rates from our Best Available Rate (or your base rate).

1.) Click the gray Copy... button in the top right.

2.) In the popup, we are going to select Best Available Rate as the rate type to copy from.

3.) The date range will be the entire month of March.

4.) We are only going to check the boxes for weekdays.

5.) We are only going to check the Room Types boxes for the suites.

6.) Click Copy to perform the copy function.

Now we are going to give the rates we copied a discount that reflects the special. Since we need to enter a price for each night, we need to calculate what the daily discounted price would be. In our example, we are giving a 50% discount off one night of a two night stay. This equates to a 25% discount each night.

1.) Click the orange Simple Select button to select what we just copied so we can discount it.

2.) Enter the first and last days of March to select the entire month.

3.) Leave all other boxes checked.

4.) Click the Select button in the popup. You will notice our selection is indicated by light blue highlighting.

5.) Click the orange Modify button.

6.) In the popup, click the middle circle button, and enter -25 in the box to discount by 25%. Don't forget the dash before the 25 to indicate a discount.

7.) Click Update.

The prices we selected are now discounted by 25%. Review your details and click the Save button at the top right to confirm your changes. It will only take a moment to update the system with your new rate type.

Test your special in the online booking engine to ensure it works as you expect.

Reservations that come in on a special rate type are indicated with the room.

Booking into the special manually

If you need to add someone into this special for a reservation made over the phone, follow these steps:

1.) Click the small down arrow to the right of where it normally says Check in.

2.) Choose Edit from the menu.

3.) Switch the rate type to the special you created.

4.) Click Update Room to put them into the selected rate type. The price of the new rate type will be reflected.


NOTE: You can track your success of your special with the Revenue by Rate Type report.

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