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How to Copy Rates

In ThinkReservations, you can copy the changes and work made in one rate type, and paste them into other rate types. You can also copy within the same rate type from one date to another date, or from another rate type from one date to another date. To begin, navigate to Settings > Rate Types, and click on the rate type you would like to update. 

In the Rates & Restrictions tab, click the Copy from... button near the top right. The copy function is only available for rate types in which the Prices are set manually, not derived from another rate type.  

The Copy Tool

Copy from: Select the rate type you would like to copy rates or restrictions from. You may choose the name of the rate type you are currently working in if you would like to copy from one date range to another.

Date range: Select the range of dates you would like to copy from the selected rate type.

Start paste: Select the date you would like to start pasting the copied information. You will be alerted if the copied selection does not match the days of the week. Example:

Data: Select the information you would like to copy.

Days of the week: Select the days of the week you would like to copy. 

Room Types: Select the room types to copy information from and to. 

Paste: Click the Paste button on the bottom of the Copy Tool when you're ready to insert the copied data.

Always check the Rates & Restrictions calendar to ensure there are no mistakes before saving your work. When you are ready, you can click Save in the top right. Once you click Save, there is no undo.

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