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Create Rule or Filter for BCC Emails

ThinkReservations recommends that you configure your account to send a blind carbon copy (BCC) of all emails that go out to your customers to your own email. This way, you can review any email correspondence you have had with your customers via ThinkReservations through finding the BCC of the email your guest received.

Setup Outlook Rule

Setup Gmail Filter
 ▼ Setup your BCC email in ThinkReservations

Navigate to: https://manage.thinkreservations.com/settings/business-settings

ThinkReservations → Settings → Business Settings → BCC ALL CUSTOMER EMAILS TO

Enter a valid email, or multiple emails separated by a comma.

To prevent these emails from flooding your inbox, create a rule in your email client/program to automatically put those BCC emails into a separate folder.

Setup Outlook rule for BCC emails

You can create rules in Microsoft Outlook to automatically move your BCC emails to a folder other than your inbox. First, you will create a new rule or modify your existing rule.

   Open Rules and Alerts. (Keyboard shortcut: Alt + F, I, R)

Step 1 Conditions:

Check: "From people or public group"

Specify: reservations@thinkreservations.com

Step 2 Actions:

Check: "Move it to the specified folder"

Specify: Specify the folder you wish to move them to

Step 3 Exceptions:

Check: "except if my name is in the To or Cc box"

Finish rule setup...

Give your rule a name

Turn on this rule

Optionally run this rule now on messages already in your inbox.

Review the rule description. It should read similar to below:

"Apply this rule after the message arrives

from reservations@thinkreservations.com

move it to the CustomerCopies folder

except if my name is in the To or Cc box"

► The folder name "CustomerCopies" should be replaced with whatever folder name you have into which you want these emails to go.


How to set up a filter in Gmail

You can create rules in Gmail that will automatically move and flag emails as they come in to help automate your workflow. For example, you can have your ThinkReservations BCC emails and notification emails skip the inbox and automatically be put into a special folder.

1.) Log into your Google Mail account.

2.) Click here to navigate to "Labels" in settings.

3.) Under the "Labels" section, click the "Create new label" button.

4.) Enter any new label name, and click Create. Think of this as a folder for the emails to go to.

5.) Click here to navigate to "Filters and Blocked Addresses" in settings.

6.) Enter reservations@thinkreservations.com in the From box at the top of the popup.

7.) To filter the BCC emails enter -to:your@email.com in the to box.

► To filter notification emails, enter just your email address.

► For both types of emails to be in the same filter, simply leave the To box blank.

8.) Click "Create filter with this search."

9.) Check the following boxes:

Skip the inbox (Archive it)

Apply the label: Choose the label you created in step 4.

Never send it to Spam

Optional: Also apply filter to matching conversations.

10.) Click the "Create filter" button.

Having trouble?

Check to make sure that Don't override filters is selected under Settings → Inbox → Filtered Mail.

You can edit your filter if need be by going back to "Filters and Blocked Addresses" in settings.


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