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Using iCal Links

ThinkReservations has a special link for each unit in ThinkReservations that shares the availability of that unit to a third party. There is no charge to use this one-way connection.

What's an iCal link?

This link is called an iCal, or iCalendar link. When the unit is unavailable due to a blackout or reservation, the date is marked as "occupied." There are many services such as Homeaway, VRBO, Flipkey, and GlampingHub that support importing this iCal feed to update the inventory of units on their system. This means that the business doesn't have to manually update their 3rd party calendars from these outside services constantly.

Here is an example/sample iCal link:

NOTE: For services such as Homeaway, VRBO, Flipkey, Glampinghub, etc. ThinkReservations can share availability to them, but not import reservations. The business will still need to manually import reservations made on these services as soon as possible until we offer a full two-way connection such as the ones for Airbnb,, Expedia, etc.


How do I use the iCal Links?

The process is generally very similar. Here is a basic outline:

  1. Log in to the service you wish to use the iCal links with.
  2. Navigate to the calendar page for your first room/unit.
  3. Look for an Import or Import/Export link or button.
  4. Indicate that you wish to import an "Other" iCal calendar.
  5. Paste the corresponding link for that room/unit copied from ThinkReservations.
  6. Repeat for each room/unit.

 Instructions for:

Where do you get the iCal links?

In ThinkReservations, navigate to Settings and click on iCal Links under Channel Management. If you are already logged in to ThinkReservations simply click here: iCal Links

(ThinkReservations → Settings → iCal Links)

Above is an example of the iCal links page. 

You can test the iCal feed with this 3rd-party tool:

If you have any questions, please reach out to support!

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