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Over the past year, has been working to integrate its products and services into the Expedia family better. will contact each property to make the transition to Expedia. For more specific answers from, see below. and Expedia resources:

 Expedia and's integration FAQ Page

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Do I have to do anything?


1.) Contract with Expedia

2.) Work with Expedia and to get your Expedia account setup.

3.) Indicate your wish to connect with ThinkReservations - Ask if we've done this for you already!

4.) Work with ThinkReservations to connect your account.

5.) Verify that your Expedia account is set up correctly and connected to ThinkReservations.

6.) Reach out to Expedia to remove the stop sell and go live.

You will work with the sales team to get a new contract signed with Expedia. Once signed and submitted, it can take up to two weeks to finalize and receive access to Expedia Partner Central, where you will manage your property information. 


Normally, if you do not list on Expedia, you will need to reach out to Expedia direct and start the contracting process. While there is no guarantee to make the process faster, it will make the process more efficient if you follow any provided instruction in a timely manner. is migrating groups of customers every two weeks on a Monday.


You will be assigned an Expedia Market Manager / Expedia Market Management Team who will help with your rooms, pictures, occupancy, etc..

ThinkReservations is automatically asking Expedia to prepare each new account in each new batch to be enabled for connectivity to ThinkReservations as your Channel Manager. If you want to attempt to connect before your account is scheduled, you can start this process. Once you can log into your Expedia Partner Central account, you must select ThinkReservations as your System Provider. Here are step by step instructions on doing this: Getting Started with ExpediaAgain, this is something that we are asking Expedia to enable for all new accounts in each new batch as they are migrated. This process takes Expedia about 3-7 business days.

During the transition period, your Expedia account will have a “Stop Sell” instituted on it to prevent a double booking or reservations made on your account before you have had a chance to verify it is set up correctly. This is indicated by a red banner at the top of your Expedia Partner Central that says Stop Sold. Please do not skip Step 5 above, verifying your account first, before going live with Expedia.

After you have verified your account is ready, and ThinkReservations has connected to Expedia as your Channel Manager, you must contact your Expedia Market Manager to have the “Stop Sell” removed. Only an Expedia Market Manager can remove your “Stop Sell” from your account. Typically the stop sell can be removed with a quick call to Expedia: 1-888-EXP1-STOP (888-397-1786). Make sure to have your Expedia Hotel ID (EID) handy when you call.

How will I be paid for these reservations?


By default, your Expedia account will be set up with “Expedia Collect,” though you may later change the account Business Model to "Hotel Collect" if you would like.


With “Expedia Collect,” Expedia would collect and process the traveler’s payment.  Expedia will reimburse you less their commissions.  The guest’s bill in ThinkReservations will show the “NET Rate” in this case. These reservations will not have a credit card on file. If set up correctly, the remaining balance on the reservation would be the net amount for the reservation and what you will receive from Expedia after their commissions are withheld. Unlike, Expedia will not deposit directly to your bank account but will instead provide an “Expedia Virtual Card” (EVC) for you to use to pay the guest’s remaining balance on the bill. It may be possible to opt for a direct bill with Expedia instead of the Virtual Card Program. Please reach out to Expedia to inquire about this.


Because the bill will show the net rate, ThinkReservations will hide the pricing information in your confirmation email if you use the “Itemized bill” personalized variable.

You will be able to see if the reservation was “Expedia Collect” based on the source of the reservation, as seen on the bottom left of the reservation in ThinkReservations. (It is also a separate "Channel" in ThinkReservations.)

If it says through and not ExpediaCollect, then it is Hotel Collect.


"Hotel Collect" means that you are responsible for charging the guest's credit card. With Hotel Collect, you would be invoiced the commission by Expedia on a monthly basis after the check-in date. The guests' actual credit card information would be sent automatically to ThinkReservations along with the reservation data. If the rate type associated with Expedia is programmed to collect a deposit, we will attempt to collect this automatically. For this reason, we urge you to ensure that your Expedia account is communicating to your guests what deposit, if any, you are going to collect. The credit card is retained to the reservation (similar to normal, online bookings). The reservation would show the sale amount (before Expedia’s commissions are invoiced), rather than the net amount. If this is something you are interested in, please contact Expedia.

With Hotel Collect, Expedia doesn't validate the credit card details or ensure that there are enough funds for your deposit. If there is a problem with the guest's credit card, make sure to get updated credit card details from the guest, or mark the reservation as having an invalid credit card on Expedia Partner Central.


"Hotel Collect" Benefits:"Expedia Collect" Benefits:
Lower Commission from ExpediaNever have to worry about chargebacks
Get Paid right away for the deposit (if collected)Never have to hound guests for remaining balance or cancellation fees
Actual Guest's CC on file for incidentalsNo bogus reservations made with invalid payment
 Ability to offer Airfare/Car Rental "Package" discounts

How do I post the payment for Expedia Collect Reservations into ThinkReservations?

Previously, you would need to click the "Check in" button to indicate to that the reservation has checked in. This is no longer required for new reservations made on Expedia and Expedia partners. Only if you are set up for Direct Bill do you need to post the payment manually. With Expedia Collect and the EVC program, Expedia will reimburse you with a single-use credit card. See below for more on that.

How does the Expedia Virtual Card work?


Expedia’s Virtual Card (EVC) program is a way for Expedia to reimburse you for reservations when using "Expedia Collect." A unique credit card is generated for each reservation. On the reservation in ThinkReservations, the following will appear if it is an Expedia Virtual Card Reservation:

 "This Expedia reservation has an Expedia Virtual Card associated with it.  You can log into Expedia Partner Central to view the credit card details for the Expedia Virtual Card."

This credit card generally cannot be retained before the check-in date. It also cannot be used before the check-in date. On or after the check-in date, you will be able to retrieve the EVC from Expedia to retain and charge in ThinkReservations. The VirtualCard will be in the reservation in Expedia. Alternatively, use the below link to retrieve the card:

You will see the EVC inside the reservation found in Expedia Partner Central. If the reservation is a past reservation, you will need to look up the card in the reservation, not the above lookup tool. It may be possible to opt for a direct bill with Expedia instead of the Virtual Card Program. Please reach out to Expedia to inquire about their invoicing program and see if you qualify.

Please don't retain or charge EVCs for past reservations where has already paid you. Expedia will ask for this money back.

Why do I not have an email address for these reservations?

How do I communicate with my guests?

To communicate with your Expedia guests, you will need to use the “Conversations” tool found in Expedia Partner Central. This is sometimes called the Message Center. To learn more about using the Conversations tool, click here:

You will no longer receive the guest's email address from reservations made on Expedia or an Expedia Partner like Previously, you were able to receive the guest’s real email address when they booked via, but or Expedia no longer supports that.

However, Expedia is actively working on a solution for this. An email alias [] address that can be sent to ThinkReservations once supported. This is similar to how and Airbnb handle guest communications. Currently, the alias isn’t something that Expedia sends to ThinkReservations, or can be used in ThinkReservations. We don’t have an ETA from Expedia other than “Soon” on when this will be supported.

Can I connect only to and not Expedia and the other Expedia partners? doesn’t support new direct connections. If your property is classified as “Bed and Breakfast,” “Inn,” “Ranch,” “Castle,” and a few other types of small lodging, you will be automatically imported to Once you are listed with Expedia, you will be automatically listed on the following:


  • Travelocity
  • Orbitz
  • The Expedia Affiliate Network
  • trivago requires claiming your listing
  • hotwire requires an additional sign-up
  • Egencia requires an additional sign-up

Coming soon:

  • VRBO and Homeaway (no ETA at the moment)

What new options are supported by Expedia?


Now that your listing is an Expedia listing, it supports everything that Expedia does, including (but not limited to) the following that were previously not possible through


  • Adults and Children, as opposed to “guests”
  • Expedia-set promotions
  • More control over your cancellation policy
  • Possibility for non-refundable reservations
  • More control over your rooms and room photos
  • Multiple Rates to support stepped-rates and different deposits, etc.
  • “Closed on Arrival” and “Closed on Departure” restrictions.

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If you have more questions that aren't answered here, please reach out to support so we can help you and update this list.


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