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How Do I Update My Rates?

Navigate to Settings > Rate Types and then click on the rate type you wish to work with. Changes made to the rate type's Rates & Restrictions tab will apply to this rate and any rate types which are derived from it. Other rate types in your account that are not derived will need to be updated separately.  

When inside the rate type, click the Rates & Restrictions tab at the top and you will be presented with an editable calendar where you can change your rates and restrictions like minimum nights. Make sure to click the Save button when done to commit your changes. 

We recommend that you extend your rate types about once every quarter. We are happy to help update your rates with you if you need it. Please note that you are always responsible for the accuracy of your pricing and restrictions, including if we are doing the work for you, which is the main reason we don't like taking on that kind of liability in the event of a mistake. We have lots of help for you to get your rates and restrictions updated.

  • Working with Rate Types Video - You might start here. We have a short video that explains how to set rates in a very concise short video.
  • Written Instructions - We have written instructions with some screenshots here.
  • Give us a call and we can do a screen-sharing session where we can show you how to program your rates and minimum nights. This way we can do some rate changes with you together.

If you need any additional information or have questions, please reach out to support!

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