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Invoice with Gratuity Print Template

This template allows you to ask your guests to add a gratuity to their bill upon check-out. This works best when you settle the bill of your guests at check-out, and not at check-in.

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Use the below code as a starting point for a custom registration card. Basic HTML and CSS knowledge recommended.

<h2>Thank you for your stay!</h2>
<h3>We sincerely appreciate your staying at The Viewpoint Inn. Please let us know if we could have made your stay more extraordinary.</h3>
<div style="margin-bottom: 18px;">
<b>To show your appreciation for our housekeeping staff, you may add a gratuity to your bill. Thank you so much!</b></div>
  &#9744; - Add 5% gratuity to my bill
  &#9744; - Add 10% gratuity to my bill
  &#9744; - Add 15% gratuity to my bill
  &#9744; - Add 20% gratuity to my bill
  &#9744; Please add the following gratuity: $
  &#9744; - Please email me a copy of my updated statement.
<p>I verify I am an authorized signer and understand my signature below authorizes the above charges.</p>
<br/>Guest Signature _________________________________________</div>

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