Frequently Asked Questions about Whistle Messaging

ThinkReservations offers a direct connection to Whistle Messaging for communicating with your guests via text (and other channels.) Please let us know if you have any questions that are not answered here. For any and all Whistle support questions, please contact Whistle.


How do I get started with Whistle?
Click here for instructions on connecting ThinkReservations to Whistle

Navigate to and schedule a demo, start a free trial, or learn more about their product. Once your whistle account is set up, get your special integration username and password from Whistle. This is found in Whistle > Company > Integrations. Enable ThinkReservations. Paste the Username and Password into ThinkReservations' Whistle settings page. Once enabled, in-house and future reservations will pour into Whistle within 5-10 seconds.

  1. In your Whistle account, navigate to Company with the gear icon.
  2. Click Integrations from the list of menu options
  3. Click ENABLE under ThinkReservations in the PMS Integrations section.
  4. Once enabled, you will see your special integration Username and Password. This is not the same as your whistle login information!
    Next, you will need to paste that Username and Password into ThinkReservations.
  5. Log into ThinkReservations and navigate to Settings > Marketplace> Learn More for Whistle, and then click the green Add Application button.
  6. Once you have added the application, navigate to Settings > Whistle
  7. Set your STATUS to Enabled and enter your Whistle integration Username and Password from Step 4 above.
    (This is not your ThinkReservations or Whistle login username and password.)
  8. Click Save at the bottom.
  9. Wait about 10 seconds or so for Whistle to download your reservations and then head back to Whistle.
  10. Click the Reservations button with the bell icon in Whistle and you should see all in-house and future reservations!

What information does ThinkReservations send to Whistle?

When connected, ThinkReservations sends Whistle the following information about every in-house and future reservation:

  • Reservation Information
    • Confirmation ID
    • Reservation Status (scheduled/checked-in/checked-out)
    • Arrival Date
    • Departure Date
    • Room Number/Name if guests book the actual room, or Room Type if guests book the room type on the booking engine
    • Channel (Phone/Online/Online-Mobile/
  • Guest Information
    • Main guest's full name
    • Email Address
    • Cell Phone
    • "Phone" if Cell Phone field is blank

How much does Whistle Cost?

ThinkReservations charges a $1/unit per month integration fee, with a minimum of $10 per month. This is above and beyond the cost of using Whistle. Please reach out to Whistle for assistance on finding the right plan for you and your business.

How long does it take for new or updated information to be sent to Whistle?

It takes only 5-10 seconds for the information to be received by Whistle. You may need to refresh Whistle to see the new information.

Whistle doesn't seem to be updating with the information in ThinkReservations.

In ThinkReservations > Settings > Whistle, change the STATUS to Disabled and then Save. Wait for a second or two, and then change the STATUS back to Enabled and then Save. This troubleshooting step will force the connection to resync the data.

Does Whistle send any information back to ThinkReservations?

No, Whistle doesn't communicate anything to ThinkReservations. The connection to Whistle is a one-way connection.

Can we see any of the Whistle correspondence in ThinkReservations?

No, Whistle doesn't send any information back to ThinkReservations.

If I cancel a reservation, what happens to that reservation on Whistle?

Canceled reservations are removed from Whistle so they will not receive any more messages.

If I check a guest in or out on Whistle, does it check the guest in or out on ThinkReservations?

No, Whistle doesn't send any information back to ThinkReservations.

What if I have existing future reservations that I manually entered into Whistle before the connection?

Whistle will automatically handle the merge process for these reservations.

Will Whistle send texts to guests that missed the automation deadline because of a last-minute reservation?

No, Whistle does not send messages that are missed. Let's say for example you have an automation rule to send a text to a guest 2 days before arrival. If you have a walk-in, that guest will not receive the text late because it missed the deadline to sent the text.

I have questions about Whistle? How do I get support from Whistle?

See Whistle's Help Desk here: or click the green help button in the top right of your Whistle Dashboard. They offer live chat and email support.

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