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Rate Types User Interface Walkthrough

ThinkReservations has updated the new Rate Types user interface. The following changes have been made based on your feedback. Thank you for your input!

Reservations and Blackouts:
The blue bar indicating reservations and blackouts was replaced. Reservations are now shown with a gray overlay, very similar to how they looked in the past. Blackouts, which were not exposed on the old interface, are represented by a dashed outline.

Tab Key Function:
The Tab key now allows you to move from one selected cell to the next going right. Similarly, Shift + Tab moves to the left. We still support using the Arrow keys to select an adjacent cell in any direction for quick edits.

"View" Menu:
We have expanded the "View" menu. This change allows you to take advantage of the customizable Summary view we recently introduced, while bringing back the ability to in-line edit any restriction. Closed on Arrival and Closed on Departure can be edited using the Space Bar.

Room Short Name:
The Room name listed on the left of the Rate Calendar now uses the Short Name if there is one set, matching your Reservation Calendar. Hovering your mouse over the room name will expose the full name with a tooltip.

More to Come...
There are additional small changes that are being addressed as well, such as making the view settings persist with your browser session and fixing a bug with mobile view. We will continue to update our documentation and videos to reflect the new changes.

November 23rd Announcement Video:

Best in full-screen mode. Use Spacebar to pause.
  • Fresh and intuitive user interface.
  • Added derived rate functionality with optional pricing adjustment.
  • Possible to review past pricing and restrictions from the rate type screen.
  • Possible to set rates and restrictions 6 years into the future.
  • Improved experience both viewing and setting rates and restrictions.
  • Possible to copy rates and/or restrictions from one time period to another.

  • Name of rate type visible on both tabs.
  • Consistent placement of details, regardless of screen size.
  • Improved phrasing of form fields.
  • Added "Staff Only" qualifier option.
  • Replaced text entry boxes with drop-down menus to eliminate validation issues.
  • Improved Deposit entry options to be more clear.
  • Improved package/rate type item experience.
  • The number of available rooms in each room type is listed.
  • Added keyboard commands to work with setting rates.
  • Custom views allow you to see the information you need while working.
  • Blackouts are now included in the logic that identifies available units (blue bar)
  • Calendar Notes visible on Rates & Restrictions tab.
  • Minor bug fixes.

    12/3/2020 Update:
  • Differentiate between blackouts and reservations.
  • Tab key functionality.
  • In-line edit individual restrictions.
  • Other minor improvements.


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