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Booking Engine Improvements

ThinkReservations has made some changes to booking engines. 

Front-end changes you will notice are detailed below:

1) The "Terms & Conditions" and "Cancellation Policy" links on the Guest & Billing Information page of the booking engine now display in a pop-up modal, rather than opening in a new tab. This keeps guests from leaving the booking process and makes it easier for your policies to be read.

2) We've added error messages to the top of the registration page if the form is incomplete. This helps the guest understand what caused the error and how they can finish their booking. In the past, we highlighted the field that was incomplete, but if that field was not near the top of the screen, the guest may miss it if they didn't scroll down. With the new error message, it will be more clear that they need to scroll down and complete one or more field(s).

3) Fees in the "shopping cart" are now consolidated and there is more consistency across how different fees, like additional adults vs. additional children, display. In the past, additional adult fees were consolidated into one line that included all nights of the stay, while additional child fees were split out to show the amount per night of stay. Now, both are consolidated to show the full amount for that fee over all nights, as seen below in this example of a 2 night stay.

4) The mobile booking engine was improved in the following ways:

  • Fixed alignment and spacing issues
  • Added the business name to the top of the room selection page
  • Improved the top of the search results to include all criteria, like number of guests, promo code, or customer group
  • Added a pencil icon to clarify how to edit search criteria. This helps the guest identify how to change their search criteria.
  • Updated cart styling
  • The "Add another room" option now works on the mobile booking engine. In the past, guests could only add a second room to their reservation (for properties that allow this) on a computer, not a mobile device.

Old:                                                                   New:

5) We improved the styling of the optional availability calendar. See old and new versions below.

Old:                                                                                  New:

6) We repaired a bug related to the "Add another room" option. In the past, if a property did not allow multi-room bookings online, there was a loophole that allowed guests to add a second room using the browser's "Back" button. Now if the guest clicks the "Back" button and adds another room, it will replace the one already in their cart.

7) Images on the upsell page will now load faster.

8)The Waitlist feature now requires all fields to be completed in order to submit.

In addition to these visible changes we made to improve the guest experience, we've also made a technical improvement in the back-end.

Technical Change:

Additional logging was added to improve the way our tech team tracks errors. This includes errors made by a potential guest when trying to book online, such as entering an incorrect credit card number, putting their zip code in the CVV field, etc. It will also help track potential issues with third-party plugins on the booking engine, like Google Analytics or TripConnect.

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