Airbnb Updated Connection Details

Recently, we announced some updates we've made to our Airbnb connection to simplify the setup process and offer additional flexibility in managing your Airbnb listings. 

Important Notes:
  • If your ThinkReservations account was not already connected to Airbnb, your account was migrated to the improved connection last week. This means that if you choose to connect with Airbnb going forward, it will be on the updated version.
  • If your ThinkReservations account is already connected to Airbnb, your account most likely hasn't yet been migrated to the new connection. You can determine if you have been migrated already by heading to Settings --> Airbnb in your ThinkReservations account. If it says "Import listings," you have already been migrated. If instead you see "New listing" at the top right of this page, you are on the old version and will be migrated in the coming week.
  • In regard to this update, there are no actions you need to take. As always, Airbnb will continue to receive rates, restrictions, and availability from the ThinkReservations Channel Manager.

 The specific changes of this update are outlined below.

On the old Airbnb page in ThinkReservations, you could create listings in ThinkReservations. Even if the listing already existed in Airbnb, it had to be recreated in ThinkReservations in order to be mapped.

The new Airbnb page in ThinkReservations,(shown below) is simplified and allows you to import listings from Airbnb rather than duplicating work you already did in Airbnb. Similar to the Expedia and connection, you can see which room type a listing is mapped to, as well as which rooms within that room type. (Note that Room and Room Type only differ if you currently utilize our Room Types feature).

In the updated connection, adding listings is simplified. Once the listing is created in Airbnb, simply click "Import Listing." Then, choose the first listing that you would like to import from the list, and fill out the short form. Click Save at the bottom when you are done. You can edit these settings later at any time.

The old connection required you to configure many settings and descriptions in ThinkReservations. This made the setup process lengthy.

The new connection moves most of the setup and listing management to Airbnb's platform, which means that you will be able to take advantage of new features that Airbnb offers right away, rather than needing to wait for ThinkReservations to make a technical change in order to support them. With this simplified connection, the information you need to configure in ThinkReservations for each listing is quite brief, as shown below:

You may have noticed a new field in the image above - Turnover Days. This is a feature Airbnb offers that allows you to automatically blackout a given number of nights before and after a reservation to allow for cleaning (likely helpful for COVID purposes). Please note that this setting will only affect Airbnb, not your Booking Engine or other OTAs like Expedia and

Please note that if you were previously using what Airbnb calls "Sync Everything." this new connection has automatically switched you to their "Sync Rates & Availability" (aka "Limited Sync") version. This just means that most details of your listing are set up on Airbnb, not sent by your channel manager (ThinkReservations).

We are still sending information for the following to Airbnb:

  • Availability
  • Prices
  • Restrictions (minimums, closed on arrival/departure, maximums)
  • Cleaning Fee
  • Security Deposit
  • Booking Cutoff Time and Behavior
  • Maximum Days Notice
  • Turnover Days

We are NOT sending the following to Airbnb anymore - these will be managed on Airbnb's platform:

  • Listing Summary
  • Occupancy
  • Listing Type
  • Property Type
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Check-in and Check-out Times
  • Amenities
  • Space Description
  • Access Description
  • Interaction Description
  • Neighborhood Description
  • Transit Description
  • House Rules (including allowing infants, children, and pets)
  • Notes
  • Directions
  • House Manual
  • Listing Images

If you have any questions, please reach out to support!

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