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Getting Started with HotelTonight

This article will walk you through the process of connecting your HotelTonight account with ThinkReservations. Hotel Tonight

HotelTonight can be a great way to sell last-minute availability for your property. Each reservation is 100% non-refundable so funds are guaranteed for each booking.

Step 1: Sign Up for HotelTonight

If you are interested in partnering with HotelTonight, please sign up here . HotelTonight will let you know if your property is in a geographical area HotelTonight is looking to expand.

Once your HotelTonight account is set up, you are ready for the next step.

Step 2: Ask HotelTonight to Enable Your Account for Connectivity

Please reach out to your HotelTonight Market Manager to let them know you would like to connect to HotelTonight through your ThinkReservations account.

The process will go like this:

  1. You will receive an email from your HotelTonight Market Manager with a room mapping spreadsheet.
  2. You will fill in the room name and send it back to your Market Manager. If your property uses Room Types in ThinkReservations, you fill in Room Type names in the spreadsheet. 
  3. Your Market Manager will set rate plan codes any missing Room Types.
  4. Your Market Manager will then create gateway codes.
  5. Once your gateway codes have been created you will receive an email with your Hotel ID.

Once you have your Hotel ID and mapping information from your Market Manager, your HotelTonight account and your ThinkReservations account are ready to be connected.

Step 3: ThinkReservations Connects to your HotelTonight Account

Let ThinkReservations know the below three pieces of information when you are ready for ThinkReservations to connect your two accounts together.

Please submit a ticket or email ThinkReservations. We need to know the following to properly connect your accounts together. When you submit your ticket, please include the following information:

  • HotelTonight Hotel ID This is a unique number for your HotelTonight Account.
  • Which room in ThinkReservations connects to each Gateway Code. This allows us to properly map your rooms.
  • What rate type you would like to share with HotelTonight. If a new rate should be created, please create the rate type first. Let us know if you need assistance in creating the new rate type.

A member of the ThinkReservations OTA team will make the final connection and map your rooms and rate plans for you once we have the above information. At that point, your connection is complete!

If you have questions or need any assistance, you can schedule a meeting with a member of the ThinkReservations OTA team by clicking here .

Using HotelTonight

Please take note...

The reservation in ThinkReservations will include the guest's name only. HotelTonight does not share the guest's email address with channel managers. To be clear, the guest's phone number, email address and other information is not something that HotelTonight currently sends through their channel manager connections.

When a HotelTonight reservation is made, the reservation will be posted to your calendar and you will be notified via email from ThinkReservations in the same manner as bookings made on your own website.

All reservations are paid in full at the time of booking. You are reimbursed by HotelTonight with a virtual credit card. To charge the HotelTonight Virtual Card in ThinkReservations, retain the card as you would a normal credit card. The card is sent to you in an email from HotelTonight. You can also view the card when you log into HotelTonight. We recommend setting the cardholder name to "HotelTonight".

Frequently Asked Questions about HotelTonight


ThinkReservations charges an additional 3% commission for room rates and additional guest fees for reservations that come from HotelTonight if you decide to establish a direct connection.

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