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Getting Started with TripTease

Increase your direct bookings. Triptease uses data and AI to increase the performance of hotels’ online marketing - from advertising to website personalization. Trusted by more than 10,000 hotels, the Triptease Platform is designed to attract high-value customers at low cost with powerfully integrated data and personalized, price-led experiences across the entire hotel booking journey. Not available for all clients. Contact TripTease to check your properties eligibility.

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Getting started...

1. Signup for TripTease

Reach out to Triptease to sign up.

Contact TripTease »

2. Connect TripTease to ThinkReservations

Once you have a Triptease account, you will need to configure ThinkReservations with your TripTease account id, which is your "Hotel Key".

  1. Navigate to Settings > TripTease
  2. Change the STATUS to Enabled
  3. Enter your 40-character alpha-numeric HOTEL KEY provided to you by TripTease.
  4. Click the Save button.

3. You're all set!

Your Triptease account is now integrated with ThinkReservations!

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