Getting Started with OpenKey

ThinkReservations integrations with door lock solution OpenKey. OpenKey allows your guests to use their own phones to unlock their door. Learn more about OpenKey here, or click here to schedule a demo.

Connecting your OpenKey account to ThinkReservations

OpenKey will provide you with two pieces of information: a "Public Key" and a "Private Key". These keys will be used to give ThinkReservations access to your OpenKey account.

  1. Navigate to ThinkReservations > Settings > Marketplace
  2. Click Learn More on the OpenKey tile. You will be taken to the OpenKey overview page.
  3. Click the green Add application button on the OpenKey overview page. You will be taken to the OpenKey settings page. (Settings > OpenKey)
  4. Change the STATUS to Enabled and enter the PUBLIC KEY and the PRIVATE KEY provided to you from OpenKey into the appropriate boxes.
  5. Click the Save button at the bottom.

ThinkReservations has a one-way connection with OpenKey. This means that ThinkReservations is able to automatically send relevant guest information to OpenKey to allow them to handle the digital key experience to the right guests, at the right time.

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