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This article will help to familiarize you with the new navigation implemented in ThinkReservations in February 2022. To enable this new navigation, head to Settings --> Feature Flags or click HERE, then toggle it on (or off) and Save. We will be deprecating the old navigation in the near future, but will be sure to provide advanced notice first. We recommend trying out the new navigation and training all staff as soon as you are able.

ThinkReservations Logo: Drop-down menu to additional pages you may need to navigate to that aren't across the top navigation bar

  • Note that this drop down includes the "New Bill" button used for creating a new POS bill - this button was previously on the right hand side
  • The ThinkReservations Logo is the main menu on mobile as well, and includes the account switch function as the last menu item.

Front Desk, Calendar, Customers, & Reports remain where you are used to finding them

Icons Explained

Search by Confirmation ID or Guest Name using the magnifying glass icon on the right side

View Tasks using the to-do list icon on the right side

Configure Settings using the controls icon on the right side

Get Help by clicking the question mark icon on the right side

Clicking this icon will open a menu of help options as shown below

Logging Out

Log Out by clicking on your name on the top right, then clicking "Sign out".

Switch Accounts

Switch property account (or view which one you are currently in) by clicking the property name in the lower left of the webpage

Using a mobile Device:

Please follow the steps below on your mobile device to switch between the different accounts:
  1. Click the ThinkReservations house icon on the top left.
  2. Click on the name of the hotel. It will be the last option in the menu.
  3. You will be presented with the properties your user has access to. Select the property that you would like to switch into. (It will turn blue.)
  4. Click the "Switch" button on the bottom of your screen to switch into that account.

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