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Select Registry Integration

This article is intended for members of Select Registry only. This integration can only work if you are already a member.

Click here to learn more and add the application:

Getting started...

1. Navigate to Settings --> Marketplace --> Select Registry's "learn more" button (or follow the link above)

2. Click Add Application

3. Navigate to Select Registry in the left-hand settings menu

4. Here, you will see your hotel ID which you need to send to Select Registry admins for them to complete the connection

5. Select Registry admins will let you know when you are connected

Once you are connected, guests searching on Select Registry's website will be able to book your hotel through the Select Registry page.

These reservations will flow into ThinkReservations with the channel showing as "Select Registry." This channel is different than other channels, however, because there's no commission charged to you, and they can be treated as direct bookings. This means that if the guest wishes to edit their reservation, they can do so directly through you, rather than needing to go through the third-party site they booked on. Additionally, your booking page on Select Registry will offer all of the same add-on items and packages, and will display all the same photos, content, etc. as your direct booking engine.

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