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Integrating Google Analytics to your website allows you to track how your customers find your website and how they interact with it.  Additionally, integrating Google Analytics to your booking engine will allow Google to understand when those visitors convert.  This is very important because it allows you to identify your conversion rate as well as figure out which traffic sources are driving you the most business.  Having this data will dramatically help you understand the value of online marketing campaigns.

ThinkReservations does not support Google Tag Manager for PCI and security reasons.

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Google Analytics - Classic vs. Universal

Currently, there are two different versions of Google Analytics:

  • Google Analytics Classic (ga.js) [This is the legacy version]
  • Google Analytics Universal (analytics.js)

What version is right for you?

Google is actively deprecating their Classic version.  If you are currently redesigning your website, it may be a good opportunity to ask your webmaster about the possibility of integrating with Google's Universal Analytics.

Is it important to upgrade right away?

Eventually, Google will officially deprecate their Classic version.  Reach out to your webmaster and identify what their plans are in relationship to Universal Analytics.  While there are many advantages to Google's Universal Analytics, you will still be able to get the data from the Classic version that will help you understand how your business is performing online.

Does ThinkReservations support both versions of Google Analytics?


How to integrate Google Analytics

Please choose the link below that matches the version of Google Analytics you will be using:

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