Create and Manage Users

ThinkReservations allows you to set up a user account for each employee who needs access to the system and set specific permissions for them. Conversely, if you wish to have one account used by multiple people, the system will allow for them to be logged in at the same time on different machines.

NOTE: Users are required to change their password at least every 90 days!

Click Settings in the black bar at the top, and choose User Management

To delete an employee's account, click (Delete) next to the user name.

To create a new account, click on New User at the bottom of the list.

To manage an employee's account, click on the name of the employee.

Clicking on the employee's name will take you to the user edit screen. Here you can change the following: 

  • Name - Arbitrary name for the user 
  • Email - This is the logon or username for the user 
  • PERMISSIONS - Check the box to enable the permission setting for this user 
  • CONTACT INFORMATION - Optional contact information for the user 
  • GENERAL INFORMATION - Optional notes for the user

When you are done editing the user, click the Save button at the bottom to commit your changes. 

NOTE: Actions completed in ThinkReservations are logged with the user signed in at the time the action was completed. For auditing and training purposes, it is therefore important that your staff is diligent when logging in when they are active on the system, and logging out when done.

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