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User Permissions

ThinkReservations allow you to manage your employee's level of access by enabling or disabling 28 aspects of ThinkReservations. Navigate to Settings → User Management → and then click on an employee you wish to manage. It is important, therefore, that your employees are diligent about logging in as themselves, and logging out when done.

 Note that you cannot edit your own account. 
If you need changes made to your own account, ask an employee with the "Can modify users" permission or reach out to ThinkReservations Support.


Can view reservations and customers 
Can create/modify reservations and customers 
Can access hotel and email configuration 
Can modify usersCan modify and delete users and their permissions.
Can view reservations overview report 
Can view reservations detailed report 
Can view reservations comparison report 
Can view reservations canceled report 
Can view reservations by arrival date report 
Can view reservations guest forecast report 
Can view point of sales overview report 
Can view point of sales detailed report 
Can view point of sales canceled report 
Can view point of sales by payment status report 
Can view revenue overview report 
Can view revenue detailed report 
Can view revenue by room report 
Can view revenue by rate type report 
Can view revenue by item report 
Can view payments overview report 
Can view payments detailed report 
Can view payments by type report 
Can view payments deposits report 
Can view front desk arrivals report 
Can view front desk guests in house report 
Can view front desk housekeeping report 
Can view taxes report 
Can view commissions report 
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