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Bill Attributes

In ThinkReservations, you can create custom attributes for your bills and reservations. You can decide if you want them to only be accessible by you and your staff, or if you also want to expose these to your guests who are booking via the ThinkReservations online booking engine on your website.

As you can see in the below example, there are a total of two custom bill attributes. This is how it looks for you and your staff.

You have the option of showing these bill attributes to your guests in the online booking engine. Here is what they might look like, as outlined in the red box:

Popular custom bill attributes:

  • How did you hear about us?
  • Reason for stay?
  • Agreed to policies (for phone reservations)
  • May we text you?
  • Interested in dining with us?
  • Choose your door code
  • Additional guest's last name
  • Custom Arrival Time, to replace our default

Bill Attributes can be managed under the Custom Attributes section in
Settings → Custom Attributes → Bill

To Create a New Bill Attribute:

Click the New button at the top right of the Bill Attributes page in ThinkReservations.

NAME: Give your attribute a name. This is an arbitrary title.

VARIABLE NAME: This is created automatically in the system. This is a new custom variable that can be used in print and email templates. If you wish to use this variable in your templates, you will need to note the displayed variable. You will need to add the  ${reservation.  before and the closing curly bracket } after in the template. Don't add those characters in this box here, add them when you use it on your email templates.

Please Note

Please keep in mind when using the variable in your print or email templates that the variable name is case-sensitive.

Note the hyphen will be replaced by an underscore automatically.

INPUT TYPE: You have three choices:

  • Text - This is a one-line entry text box. Multiple lines can be added, however.
  • Textarea - This is a multi-line text entry box. 
  • Select - This option will add a drop-down selector box where one can choose from the options set below

TIP: For Select, leave the first option empty/blank. This is because the first OPTION is the default. List them in the order that you would like them to appear.

Required - If this checkbox is selected, it will require the guests to enter text or choose an option if you ask this in the online booking engine.

Ask in booking engine - If you check this box, it will provide this option as something that the guests will see in the ThinkReservations online booking Engine. (These choices will not be presented when booking via an Online Travel Agent.)

Inactive - Do not show to staff internally or on the booking engine. This essentially disables it but leaves the options intact so you can report on them.

After you have filled out the form, click the Save button at the bottom.

If you ever wish to edit or make adjustments to your custom attributes, you can click on the attribute in the list of existing attributes (Settings → Bill) to update as you see fit. Click the Save button to save your changes.  


There is a corresponding report for your custom attributes. You can find it under

Reports → Reservations Section → Reservations by Attribute

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