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Booking Engine Design Updates

The ThinkReservations pages for your booking engine, gift certificate sales page, and policies pages are hosted by by ThinkReservations. If you require updating the content of these pages, please notify us via our support center, chat, email, or phone. We will happily assist you through the process.

A member of our technical team with provide this service to you and this is something only ThinkReservations can perform. There are two design requests you can submit to us the first is a Restyling request which is a service that reskins or redesigns your ThinkReservations web pages. Our other request is an Edit request which is a request to make a change to your existing design of your ThinkReservations web pages. 

Wed designers please note we only work with authorized third party scripts and do not allow unauthorized third party scripting on the pages we host. We currently integrate with Facebook Pixel, OTA Channels, and Google Analytics as well as some third party products like Triptease and Cartstack as well as others. Reach out to us for more information. Want to see us integrate with a product you enjoy in the future let us know and we will record your suggestion!

Booking Engine Design Requests

Booking Engine Restyling Service Request

  Our Restyling service fully updates the style of your ThinkReservations web pages to match the look and feel of your newly designed or re-skinned website. This is needed when your website has an entirely new look and the changes are not just limited to small updates to your existing design. We convert your newly updated website design and reprogram to include your ThinkReservations components such as your booking engine reservation and policies pages. There is a small fee for this service of $150. One we receive your request and approval of the fee we can schedule the work to be completed with our technical team. Please note the new design must be published live on your business website in order for us to begin the process. One we receive the request and fee approval we can have your restyling completed within 7 business days. We look forward to assisting you and let us know if you have any additional questions by chatting with us or submit your restyling request by Clicking Here 

Provided below is a visual example:

Old Design:

New Design:

Booking Engine Edit Service Request

    Our Edit service is the request you want to submit when you need one or more small changes applied to your existing ThinkReservations design. These change requests to your existing ThinkReservations page designs incur no fees and are included with your subscription. Provided below are some examples of Edit requests: 

Menu Link Updates 

"You have removed a link from a menu and it no longer exists" 
"You have replaced a link in your menu"
"You have re ordered links on your top navigation area"

Business Information Updates

"Your phone number has changed for your business has changed on your website"
"You have updated your email address on your website"
"You have updated your business name and need your text updated"

These types of requests are considered booking engine edits. These requests are submitted to our technical team and typically they are process within 7 business days of being received. Please contact us if you are in need of updating an element of your ThinkReservations web pages.

We look forward to assisting you! CLICK HERE to submit a ticket for one of these services.  

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