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Search Page Message

In ThinkReservations you can add a message to the right of your business image on the first page of your online booking engine.To add a message to your Booking Engine's "search page", Navigate to Settings > Booking Engine under the "Business Configuration" section.

Scroll down to Search Page Message, then check the box next to Display notification on the Search Page (first page of the booking engine) to enable it.

You can then enter verbiage for both the Header and the Content of your message. Click Save at the bottom of the page when done.

You can also choose whether or not the message appears on the Top or Bottom of the page. See below for examples:

The message supports limited HTML:

<b>bold</b> or <strong>bold</strong>bold
<b><i><u>bold, italic, and underlined</u></i></b>
bold, italic, and underlined
HTML Entities such as:



<font color="red">red font</font> (can be done with other colors)
red font
<p> or <br>
line break/new paragraph
Required if you need text to go on a new line.
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