Booking Engine: Walk through

The ThinkReservations "Booking Engine" is the webpage that your prospective guests use to check availability and make online reservations. It is a mobile responsive page that is customized to match the look and feel of your website. In short, this is the page your guests are directed to after they click your "Book Now" button on your website.

We recommend that you make a reservation at least once using your website so that you can become familiar and understand the process.

The main components of the first page (Search Page) are the Business Image and the availability form where your guests choose their check in and check out dates, the number in their party, and Special Rate information such as a coupon code. The Business Image is outlined in the gray box below. The availability form is outlined in the red box in the example below.

Booking Engine Search Page

If a customer qualifies for a special rate, they can expand the "Special Rates" section by clicking anywhere on the plus sign or the text Special Rates. If you have one or more customer groups, it will show as a selectable option. In the example below, "Military / Veteran" indicates a customer group qualifier on a rate type.  If you have a coupon or promo code, the guest can choose "Promotional Code" and enter it into the box. Promotional codes are not case sensitive.

Special Rates box expanded

Once your guests complete the form, they click the blue Search button. This takes them to the availability page. The Booking Engine will only show the qualifying rate type(s) and the rooms that are available for their selected search parameters. Guests can browse the available rooms, click through the images, and optionally view the availability calendar at the bottom. When they have decided which room they would like, they'll click the Add to reservation button.

If you have any upsell add-ons or packages your guests will be taken to a page where they can add packages or enhancements to their reservation on their own. At this point, they can click Continue, or Add another room. On the right, is an outline of the room, dates, charges, and the deposit required. When they click Continue, they are taken to the registration page where the guests enter their name and billing information. They are required to enter the following fields before the system confirms their reservation:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Cardholder Name
  • Credit Card Number
  • CC Expiration Date
  • CC CVV number
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Arrival Time
  • Checked "I agree to the Terms & Conditions and Cancellation Policy" checkbox.

If something is missing or not filled out correctly, the system will identify the problem and indicate to the guest that they need to fix something by outlining it in red.

When they have filled out the form, they click the Confirm Reservation button. The system will attempt to validate the information provided, including credit card information. If there is a deposit required, it will be charged to the guest at this time. Then the customer is directed to the purchase confirmation page where we outline very simply (and in very large font) their onfirmation ID and a summary of the charges with special attention to the deposit that was charged, if any.

Purchase Confirmation Page. The last step.

Also, at this time, ThinkReservations will automatically send them your confirmation email to the email address the guest provided.


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