Create a New Email Template

ThinkReservations allows you to build and customize emails that can be sent to the customer. This is done by creating email templates that can be reused during the reservation lifecycle. You can create an unlimited number of email templates.

To create a new email template, navigate to Settings → Email Templates (under the Email Configuration heading).

Click New email template. This will be at the bottom of your list of existing email templates.

 Create the email by filling out the form:

  • Name - This is the arbitrary name of your email template so that you and your staff can identify it.
  • Subject - This is the subject line of the email that is sent with the email. Note that the subject line supports the use of Personalized Variables.
  • Message - This is the main content or body of the email message. This can include HTML and Personalized Variables.

Enter text as you see fit. If you need to add a link or wish to add text effects such as bold or italicized text, refer to our Simple Email Edits article for details. Note the list of Personalized Variables at the bottom of the New email template page. Simply cut and paste them into your message to use them.

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