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Troubleshooting TripConnect

If you are having any trouble with TripConnect Cost-Per-Click, please consult this guide. If you are looking to get started, click here for our getting started guide. 


  • Are you live with ThinkReservations? An account manager will need to update your account status to "In Production" for your inventory to flow through to Tripadvisor. This is generally done automatically for you. 
  • Name of business and address in ThinkReservations business settings matches exactly the name and address in your Tripadvisor account. If they are close but don't match, Tripadvisor's systems won't be able to match your property automatically. 
  • Tripadvisor servers need to be updated after a change. After a change to the account, such as updating your address, you will need to wait 24-48 hours before you attempt to sign up again because Tripadvisor's servers only update a few times a week.

If you meet the above three prerequisites and are still seeing a message about how your property is not included in our inventory, we need to get Tripadvisor support involved. ThinkReservations can reach out to Tripadvisor support on your behalf to have them manually link the accounts in cases where Tripadvisor's auto-link process fails. If you would like us to email them, please let us know. Tripadvisor will link the accounts usually within 24 hours. Then another 48 hours later, you can attempt to signup again.

If you wish to call Tripadvisor support: 1-866-322-5942
For help from Tripadvisor, start here: Owner Support and Getting help from Tripadvisor

Common Issues:

  • Prerequisites are not met: Business name or address isn't 100% identical, the property isn't marked as "In Production" on the ThinkReservations side (only ThinkReservations can set this for you), or the property didn't wait long enough for the Tripadvisor servers to update (sometimes as much as 72 hours in rare cases). 
  • Make sure you are connecting to TripConnect Cost-Per-Click, or CPC, not InstantBook. 
  • Often, properties connected with an old campaign from a previous connection can cause issues. The old campaign needs to be manually deactivated by Tripadvisor support. 
  • When connecting, you are asked to confirm rates and availability. Keep in mind that Tripadvisor shows an average daily rate, and rounds the rate to the nearest dollar

Once connected, you might not see your "Official Site" option on your Tripadvisor page if...

  • The campaign date has ended. Adjust your campaign end date to a new date in the future. 
  • The campaign budget has been depleted. Add funds to your campaign. 
  • Your daily budget is low. If your daily budget is low, Tripadvisor will only show your "Official Site" option occasionally in an effort to spread evenly throughout the day. Raise your daily budget to show more often. 
  • Your bid price is too low (below the 3rd highest bidder). Your "Official Site" option may be disabled at times if you are not in the top 3 bidders. 
  • This is a new TripConnect campaign. It takes Tripadvisor up to 72 hours for them to start showing your add. 24-48 hours, however, is more common.

If you still need help, please reach out to us or Tripadvisor support.

If you wish to call Tripadvisor support: 1-866-322-5942

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