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Getting Started With Tripadvisor Instant Booking

Tripadvisor Instant Booking is a way for guests to book your property through Tripadvisor's own online booking engine. These reservations are charged a commission from Tripadvisor at 12 or 15% and an additional 3% from ThinkReservations. If you would like to have Tripadvisor send guests directly to your own booking engine, see Tripadvisor's TripConnect Cost-Per-Click tool here.

  1. Log in to your Tripadvisor account.
  2. Navigate to Products >Instant Booking or click here:
  3. Review the page that explains Instant Booking, and check out our FAQ, Tripadvisor's FAQ, or reach out to Tripadvisor if you have any questions before getting started. Tripadvisor's phone number is 866-322-5942
  4. Click the Check Eligibility link, or click here:
    You may be asked to Join or Log In again. Make sure to click Log in.
  5. Click ThinkReservations in the partner list.
  6. Click Get Started to help Tripadvisor check to make sure you are connected to ThinkReservations and that this is your property.
  7. Follow the prompts to verify Tripadvisor is connecting to the correct/your property. You will need to verify your property with a sample of rates, availability, and taxes.

    Verify that the information Tripadvisor is receiving from ThinkReservations is correct. This ensures that travelers are seeing accurate information about your available rooms and rates.
    1. Confirm your property's name, address, and website. If it looks good, click the orange Continue button.
    2. Next, check that the room types in the table are actually available for the selected search dates and that the correct rates (including taxes & fees) are displayed. Also, confirm that the cancellation policy is accurate. The cancellation policy comes from ThinkReservations > Settings > Business Settings.
      The pricing given to Tripadvisor is the lowest possible rate that doesn't require a coupon code or customer group. It's not possible to share other pricing with Tripadvisor like other OTAs.

      If everything looks good, click Correct. Otherwise, select “Incorrect” for more support.
  8. Choose your commission amount: 12% commission for 25%-100% of bookings, or 15% commission for 50%-100% of bookings. You can change your commission rate at any time on Tripadvisor.

    A traveler view occurs each time “Book on Tripadvisor” appears for your property in search results. The range in percentages is based on how many other OTAs or distribution partners are also using Instant Booking for your property. Sometimes travelers will be viewing your rates; other times they will be seeing or Expedia's rates. If you are not connected with either or Expedia, or if they don't participate in Instant Booking for your property, then choosing the 15% commission model will not get you any more bookings than the 12% commission model. This is because there is no competition. If you find that or Expedia show up as options later, you can change your model to better compete with them if you wish.
    Instant booking gives you the chance to capture at least half of these traveler views, as well as the bookings those views generate, with a 15% commission rate. Or you can choose a lower 12% commission rate to get at least a quarter of all traveler views and any resulting bookings. It’s up to you – choose an option and then click Continue.

  9. Finally, add your payment method or confirm that the one on file is correct. No charge will be made to your account at this point, although we will verify the payment method to ensure that it is valid. Then accept the Terms and Conditions and click Complete sign-up.
  10. Click on Explore Dashboard to start the Instant Booking Dashboard tutorial. We highly recommend you take a few minutes to aquaint yourself with the dashboard.

    Instant booking is a commission-based product. This means no up-front investment, no long-term contracts, and no risk to you. You’re only charged for bookings that turn into stays.

    You’ll be invoiced on a monthly basis, with each billed item reflecting a completed stay that was booked via instant booking in the previous month. You’ll have the opportunity to review these bookings, and their associated charges, and make any necessary adjustments based on booking changes before your payment is due. For more information on the payment process read Tripadvisor's guide here.

See also: Frequently Asked Questions about Tripadvisor Instant Booking - brought to you by ThinkReservations
See also: FAQ: Instant Booking on Tripadvisor - brought to you by Tripadvisor

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