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Housekeeping Module

What is the Housekeeping Module, and who can benefit?

The Housekeeping Module is a custom feature that can be added to your account upon request. The Housekeeping Module allows the property to schedule and assign cleaning assignments to housekeepers. However, it should be noted that the Housekeeping Module does not provide housekeepers with unique permissions beyond what other users have, nor does it allow properties to specify one-time tasks. If your property has just one or two housekeepers, the Housekeeping tool in Settings > Reservation Calendar and the Housekeeping Reports available under the Reports section are fully adequate. On the other hand, for properties with multiple laundry rooms and a larger housekeeping staff, the Housekeeping Module proves highly beneficial. 

Housekeeping Module

To access the Housekeeping Module, enabling the New Top Navigation in your ThinkReservations account is essential, provided that it has not already been enabled.  To enable this New Top Navigation, head to Settings --> Feature Flags or click HERE, then toggle it on and Save.

Following the above steps will enable the new top navigation, granting you access to the Housekeeping Module through the ThinkReservations logo in the top left corner of your account.

The Housekeeping module is made up of two sections: Housekeeping and Configuration. The Configuration section needs to be completed to ensure proper functionality of the Housekeeping section. To simplify the configuration process, it is recommended to follow this sequence: Sections, Laundry Units, Common Areas, and Rooms.

  1. Sections: How is your property divided? This is different from Room Groups (which must align with room types) and can have rooms of all types in any given section. Examples of sections include: first floor, second floor, east wing, and north cabins. Sections can also be identified by numbers. Sections should correspond to the number of laundry units your property has. Sections are optional.
  2. Laundry Units: How many Laundry Units does the property have? Each laundry unit has a section (if the property is using Sections) and a laundry credit. 
  3. Common Areas: Are there any common areas that require regular or periodic cleaning by the staff? These areas may include the dining room, porches, living spaces, and more.  Sections and cleaning credits are assigned to each Common Area.
  4. Rooms: For every room, assign the respective number of cleaning and laundry credits, as well as sections and laundry units.

What is a credit?

A credit is a predetermined length of time used to measure how much work is needed to clean a guest room, usually in increments of 15, 20, or 30 minutes. This helps the property know how many hours their housekeepers need to be scheduled to work on a given day.

For example, if a credit is 15 minutes, then a suite that takes 1 hour to clean between reservations would need 4 cleaning credits for a full clean. 

How to use the Housekeeping Module day-to-day:

Each day, the person who manages the housekeeping staff must go to Assignments. A list of all rooms which need attention will be listed, along with the number of credits required for each unit. Under the Housekeeper column, a user should be assigned to each box to account for all cleaning credits that day. Click Save at the bottom once complete. 

After completing the Assignments section, the Schedule can be generated and printed for the day.

Creating Housekeeper's as Users:

Since credits are assigned out to aid in scheduling staff, it is recommended to create multiple housekeeper users. These users can be set up individually with unique logins, displaying the name of each housekeeper in the Housekeeper toggle. Alternatively, generic users can be created, such as Housekeeper 1, 2, 3, and so on.

When creating housekeeper users, ensure they are designated as "Is a housekeeper" in User Management. Housekeeper users have access to the same list of permissions as other users, allowing you to select the appropriate permissions for each housekeeper.

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