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Using the RemoteLock Integration

If you don't already have RemoteLock integrated with ThinkReservations, check out this article: Getting Started with RemoteLock

Door codes will be automatically configured for reservations 2 days prior to check-in date. To view or change the door code, open the guest's reservation and click on the Key icon next to the Check In / Check Out button.

A modal will open like the one shown below that will allow you to view and modify the existing pin code and activation/deactivation times. You can modify any of these fields, but the activation and deactivation dates can not be altered as they are tied to the arrival and departure dates of the reservation.

We recommend you review your email and text messaging rules to communicate the pin code to the guest.  Please remember to send the pin code within 2 days of arrival because the pin will only be available during that time, unless overridden in your settings.

To send door codes to your guests, use the following variable anywhere personalized variables are supported:

  • ThinkMessenger templates and surveys
  • Email templates
  • Print templates
  • Room directions and additional room information


To access your RemoteLock settings in ThinkReservations:

Navigate to Settings > RemoteLock:

From there, you can specify which locks are owned by which room.

At the top of that page, there is a link to the Remove Configuration:

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