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How to Retain a Credit Card

In ThinkReservations, you can retain a customer's credit card to a bill or reservation to your connected payment gateway. If specified, you can also retain a card to a customer or guest. A credit card that is retained can be used to charge the deposit and remaining balance, as well as charges for any items, services, fees, or incidentals the guest may incur. Even if the guest cancels the bill, you can still charge the retained credit card as long as the card is still valid.

Once you manually key in a credit card, it is retained for that reservation.

If you check the box to Assign to customer then that card will also be saved with the guest's other bills or reservations unless deleted.

You cannot associate a credit card that is attached to the reservation and move it to the guest. You must input the credit card and specifically decide to associate it with the customer.

If the bill does not yet have a credit card retained, a box similar to the above will show on the bottom right of the bill just below the remaining balance.

Fill out the form with the customer's billing information. After you click "Add Card" ThinkReservations will send the details to your connected payment gateway to attempt to validate the card. If successful, the card will be retained with your payment gateway for use in ThinkReservations. If unsuccessful, ThinkReservations will display the error coming from your connected payment gateway on why they were unable to retain the card. Please reach out to them to help understand why the card is having trouble.

Once a credit card has successfully been retained, ThinkReservations will display the following message:


When you have multiple cards retained, the newest card will be at the top of the list. Reservation credit cards and guest credit cards will be grouped together, and appropriately labeled like below where there is a reservation credit card and a guest credit card:

Retain Multiple Cards

 If you need to retain additional credit cards within a bill, simply click the "Add Credit Card" button below the card already retained.
ThinkReservations displays the name associated with the card, as well as the last four digits of the card number for your reference. The drop-down list shows the retained cards in the order in which they were entered, with the first card entered at the top.

The newest cards will always be at the top.

How to charge a retained card:

You can charge a retained credit card as needed by selecting "Payment." 

Once you've selected "Payment," a popup will appear. Select "Credit Card." You can choose "Credit Card on File," or you can add a new Credit Card.  

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