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How to Charge a Credit Card

To charge a guest with the retained credit card in ThinkReservations, follow these steps:

1) Open the bill/reservation for the customer.

2) Click the PAYMENT button just below the "Payments" heading.

3) A pop-up window will appear. From the drop-down, select Credit Card.

 4) Select the credit card you would like to charge from the next drop-down menu. You will see the name and last four digits associated with each card listed.


Note: You can enter a new card at this point if you wish.
Click on the drop-down selection that shows details for the current card and choose "New...". Enter the new card in the popup box, and continue.

5) Enter the amount you wish to charge the customer in the Amount box on top. For example, to charge the customer $512.04 enter: 512.04

6) Click the Take Payment button to process the charge.


You can also use the above procedure to charge a guest that presents a credit card during their stay.

If you wish to save some time or if the guest presents a different card from what you have retained, you can select Swipe from the Payment Method drop-down to swipe the guest's credit card for ONE TIME charges. Note that the card is not retained for future use when you swipe the card. ThinkReservations supports many different USB card swipers. Heartland clients will need an encrypted swiper purchased from Heartland.

1) Open the bill/reservation for the customer.

2) Click the PAYMENT button just below the "Payments" heading.

3) Select Swipe from the Payment Methods drop-down menu.

4) A pop-up box appears with the message, "Swipe credit card." Swipe the guest's credit card using your USB connected swiper.

The payment type will change automatically to "Credit Card," and the text "SWIPED" is displayed.

5) Enter the amount to charge in the Amount box to the right. For example, to charge the customer $450.80 enter: 450.8

6) Click the Save button to charge the customer that amount.

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