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Export Guest Data

It's important for you to access your customer data when you need it quickly.  You can download your customer data with a click of a button. You can download a list of all of your customers (see below), and you can also export some customer information from the Reservations reports.

The Reservations reports will show additional information in the exported CSV (spreadsheet) file, notably customer Name, phone numbers, and email addresses, in addition to the data related to the report type.

To Export a Reservation report: 

  1. Click on Reports in the black bar at the top. 
  2. Click on any report in the Reservations section. 
  3. Specify the date range for which you would like to see data. 
  4. Click the Generate button. 
  5. Click the Export button to save the CSV file. The CSV file will contain email addresses and can be used for importing into your email marketing program.

To Export Your Full Customer Data:

Follow the steps below to download your customer data as a CSV file (this will work with Excel!). This CSV file can then be manipulated and filtered to suit your needs.

  1. Click on Customers in the black bar at the top.
    All of your customers are currently displayed by default.

  2. Click the Download button.
    Wait for the download to complete. This may take a minute.

    Using Safari? Click Here!
    When using Safari as your browser, your CSV file will automatically open in your browser window. To save it as a .CSV file that you can then work with, please follow these steps before proceeding to Step 3 below.
    1. Once the data opens in your browser window, navigate the Safari Menu Bar and select File then choose Save As... or use ⇧⌘S on your keyboard
    2. The Save As dialog box will appear and you have the option of changing the name of the file and save location. The format should be "Page Source". After you change the name and save location (or leave it as is) and have verified that the Format is Page Source, select "Save".
    3. You have now downloaded your customer list as a .CSV file. Please continue to Step 3 below to use your .CSV file.
  3. Use the downloaded CSV file to upload it into your email marketing software.

If you want to download a specific list of customers, then all you have to do is search.  For example, searching for "Richard" and then clicking Download will download all customers that match "Richard." 

The download will give you a file (.CSV) that you can use MS Excel or other spreadsheet programs to open and manipulate. The column labeled "Agreed to Marketing Emails" will show a one if the customer has agreed, or the box was checked.
Columns in the Customer CSV file are as follows:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Agreed to Marketing (1 means yes, 0 means no)
  • Phone
  • Cell Phone
  • Work Phone
  • Street Address
  • Extended Address
  • Locality (City)
  • Region (State)
  • Postal Code
  • Country
  • Number of Visits
  • Number of Nights Stayed
  • Total Amount Spent
  • Last Check-In
  • Customer Notes


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