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How to Merge Customers

Merge Customers

If you have multiple customer records that are the same customer, you can use the merge function to combine all records into one easily. Follow the steps below:

1.) In the top navigation of ThinkReservations, click on Customers.

2.) Search for the customer records you want to merge, so that at least two records are shown on the screen at the same time.

3.) Select each customer record you want to merge by checking the box on the left.

4.) Click on the Merge button at the top right.

The next page will show you the customer information for the first customer record in editable form fields. In the example below, they are inside the blue box.

You will see the customer information for the other customer record(s) below the form fields. In the example below, they are inside the red box.


NOTE: It is your responsibility to update the customer record using the form fields at the top with the correct information from each record!

5.) Copy the information you wish to keep manually from the customers (indicated by the red box in the above example) to the form fields (indicated by the blue box).

Information in the form fields at the top will be saved as the new merged customer record. The other customer records will be discarded.

5.) Once you are done, please check that the form fields at the top contain all data that you would like to save.

6.) Click on Save on the top right to save your changes, and discard or delete the other record(s).

Your customer records have now been merged! It may take up to 10 seconds for the search index to update appropriately.


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