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Getting Started with Glamping Hub

ThinkReservations supports the ability to synchronize your property's availability with Glamping Hub. This allows visitors to Glamping Hub to see when you have rooms open for reservations. This connection does not share rates, restrictions, stop sells, reservations, etc. Reservations made on will need to be manually entered into ThinkReservations. Think of it as a one-way connection.


ThinkReservations has a unique calendar URL for each room or unit at your property. You will use these calendar URLs to share availability with Glamping Hub.
The ThinkReservations Calendar URLs for your property can be found in Settings > iCal Links, or by clicking here. It will look something like the below example: 

Once you have located the URLs for your property, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your GlampingHub dashboard:
  2. Click the Calendar icon at the top.

    Note this message from Glamping Hub:

    Please remember that by syncing calendars, you will simply be showing updated availability to potential guests on Glamping Hub. Syncing calendars do not sync the reservation systems or impact bookings.

  3. Choose the Unit Calendar tab in the sub-menu.
  4. Select the first unit you wish to work with. ThinkReservations provides one link per unit.
  5. Click the IMPORT CALENDAR button.

  6. On the popup, choose Import from other iCal platform.

  7. Paste the iCal URL from ThinkReservations for this unit into the box indicated.

  8. Click IMPORT AND SYNC CALENDAR button on the popup.
  9. Once importing is complete, GlampingHub will ask if you want to add GlampingHub to your other platform. Because ThinkReservations doesn't currently support this, click Later.
  10. Select the next unit and repeat the process. In ThinkReservations, make sure to copy the correct URL for the unit on GlampingHub you are working with.

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